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Set up creative projects

A creative project is a group of creatives with their own dynamic targeting rules.

Currently, Campaign Manager 360 only supports in-stream video creative projects. You can only build these projects in Ads Creative Studio and export them to a linked Campaign Manager 360 advertiser. How to link Campaign Manager 360 and Ads Creative Studio

When someone exports a project from Ads Creative Studio to Campaign Manager 360 you receive a copy of the project. You can edit the project's dynamic targeting rules, but you can't edit the creative assets. Asset changes must be made in Ads Creative Studio and exported to Campaign Manager 360 as a new project.

About ad setup for video projects

Video projects can include up to 250 creatives. Campaign Manager 360 automatically creates standard ads and assigns creatives to them based on the targeting rules in your video project. A default ad is not automatically created for you. We recommend assigning a default ad to your project's placement to show when none of your targeting rules match.

To save time, select in-stream video settings at the placement level. Alternatively, you can open a video project and edit individual creatives. You can't edit the asset, but you can edit serving files and other in-stream video settings.

Review and edit dynamic rules

In creative projects, dynamic rules match a creative's content with the right audience or context. These rules replace ad level targeting rules. Each creative in a project is assigned to one or more dynamic rules.

Dynamic rules support the following targeting options:

Note: You can only add technology and keyword targeting to the project in Campaign Manager 360. These signals aren't currently supported in Ads Creative Studio.

Edit dynamic rules

  1. Open your advertiser and click Creative projects. Click the project name to open it.
  2. Click Dynamic rules. A page opens with a table. Each row in the table is a rule. Rules can apply to one or more creatives. You can find the values set for each rule in the table. If no value is set, you'll find —.
  3. To edit a rule, find the Edit column and click Edit. A window opens with sections for each targeting option.
  4. Click the targeting option you want to edit. The section expands with all available settings.
  5. Make changes to the settings. When you're done, click Apply. You're taken back to the table view to confirm the new settings. If you want to keep your changes, click Save. If not, click Discard changes.

Preview videos in a project

If your project is assigned to a campaign, you can preview each video in the project in any campaign view that includes creatives. Or, you can open the creative project and preview from there. From there, you can click the count of creatives in the Creatives column, or click in the Dynamic rules tab.

  1. Open your advertiser and click Creative projects. Click the project name to open it.
  2. Find the Creatives column. There you'll find the number of creatives in the project. Click the number. You're taken to a filtered list of just the creatives in that project. 
  3. Click Preview  next to a creative. The Campaign Manager 360 video player selects a compatible serving file and loads the video. You can play the video to check events and try out different resolutions and dimensions. If you assigned a companion ad, it appears below the video player when the video is playing.
  4. To preview a specific serving file, click a creative to open it.
    1. Find the Serving files section in the window that opens.
    2. Click  Preview  next to a serving file.
    3. You can cycle through every serving file in this window, but you can't check events or try different properties.
  5. If you want to preview a specific serving file in the main preview (i.e., check events, try different properties, etc.), follow these steps:
    1. Set the serving file to ON under Include in serving in your creative properties.
    2. Set every other serving file to OFF. This way, you can be sure the Campaign Manager 360 video player uses that specific serving file.
    3. Click Preview  at the top of your creative properties.

For more details, see our guide to creative preview.

Assign a creative project to a placement

Before you get started, make sure you've added the creative projects to your campaign and set up in-stream video placements.

Creatives in a creative project have similar content and should be run as a group. You can't assign individual creatives from a project to ads on their own. If you don't want to include certain creatives in a project, you can mark them as inactive after you assign the project to a campaign.

  1. Open your campaign.
  2. Click Creative projects. Click the project name to open it.
  3. In the Properties tab, find Placement assignments.
  4. Click Edit placement assignments. A window opens with the list of assignable placements. A creative project can only be assigned to an empty placement or a placement with a default ad. After you assign a creative project to a placement, you won't be able to assign other ads, creatives, or creative projects to the same placement.
  5. Select the placements you want to assign the project to, then click Assign. You're taken back to the list of placement assignments.
  6. If you want to keep your changes, click Save. If not, click Discard changes.

Next steps

Save your creative project. After you finish setting up dynamic rules, set up companion creatives, third-party URLs, and test your tags.

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