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Campaign Manager 360 & Display & Video 360

Cookie Reach reports removed

A more specific timeline about report and metric removal will be provided in Q3 following the release of Unique Reach Overlap.

The following reports and metrics will be removed: 


  • Report type
    •  Cookie Reach Overlap
  • Report templates under the “Reach” report type: 
    • Cookie Reach
    • Active View
  • Metrics:
    • Cookie Reach Metrics:
      • Cookie Reach: Average Impression Frequency
      • Cookie Reach: Click Reach
      • Cookie Reach: Impression Reach
      • Cookie Reach: Incremental Click Reach
      • Cookie Reach: Incremental Impression Reach
      • Cookie Reach: Incremental Total Reach
      • Cookie Reach: Total Reach
    • Active View Metrics:
      • Active View: Viewable Impression Cookie Reach
    • Cookie Reach Overlap Metrics:
      • Cookie Reach: Overlap Click Reach
      • Cookie Reach: Overlap Click Reach%
      • Cookie Reach: Overlap Impression Reach
      • Cookie Reach: Overlap Impression Reach%
      • Cookie Reach: Overlap Total Reach
      • Cookie Reach: Overlap Total Reach%


  • Report templates under the Reach report type: 
    • Cookie Reach
  • Metrics:
    • Cookie Reach Metrics:
      • Cookie Reach: Average Impression Frequency
      • Cookie Reach: Impression Reach

Verifiable Impressions metric removal

Verifiable Impressions metric will be removed from offline reporting as it is comparable with the standard Impressions metric. 

TrueView URA reports gender dimension change

TrueView URA reports currently return M, F which will be changed to align with other reports to return Male and Female

Campaign Manager 360

Support for attribution model backfill ending

Historically, when new attribution models were created within a floodlight configuration, Campaign Manager 360 would backfill 25 days worth of attributed conversions. Moving forward conversion data within an attribution model will only be available from the date the model is created.

Billing Profile ID default value change

The default value for Billing Profile IDs will be changing from the current default value to (not set).

Renaming data source SteelHouse to MNTN

SteelHouse has been renamed MNTN (pronounced Mountain). The data source will be updated, and the enum will remain the same.

Advertiser exclude filter

With the introduction of exclude filtering for advertisers in reporting, the header information will be updated to show if filtering was included. The new values will be: Does Not Equal, Does Not Contain, and Does Not Start With. 

Display and Video 360

TrueView Avg Watch Time per Impression change

The row total will be blank for the Avg Watch Time per impression column. 

Targeting Expansion renamed to Optimized Targeting in YouTube reports

Targeting Expansion will be renamed Optimized Targeting in YouTube Reports. 

Provisional Impressions metric removal

The Provisional Impression metric will be removed. It will still be available for current versions of the reporting APIs and in existing scheduled reports. It will no longer be available when creating a new report, or in future versions of the reporting APIs. 

Unlimited budget I/O pacing reports

The returned value for unlimited budgets in pacing reports will be changed from int64max-1 to Unlimited. 



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