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Changes to creative serving fees in Campaign Manager 360

If you serve rich media creative formats through Campaign Manager 360, we currently charge an additional impression-based fee for ad serving on top of the basic ad serving fee. In Campaign Manager 360 reports, this is a tech fee called Advanced Display Ad Serving. We’re making a change to when and how this fee is applied to be more consistent across Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360. We’re also making changes to which formats we charge this fee for. Finally, we’re changing the name from “Advanced Display Ad Serving” to “Advanced Ad Serving” to reflect that this fee also applies to advanced video and audio formats.

Current fee

Currently you’re charged an advanced display ad serving fee for the following rich media creative types:

  • Rich media display
  • Dynamic rich media display

What’s changing

As of June 2022, you’ll no longer be charged for rich media display creatives that are not dynamic and are:

  • Uploaded directly to Campaign Manager 360
  • Exported to Campaign Manager 360 from Google Web Designer
  • Exported to Campaign Manager 360 from Ads Creative Studio

What’s staying the same

You’ll still be charged an advanced serving fee for rich media creatives that are built with Studio and exported to Campaign Manager 360. Creatives that include video will still be charged a Video Ad Serving fee.

You’ll be charged an advanced serving fee for the following creative formats:

  • Dynamic display, video, and audio creatives
  • Rich media creatives built with Studio

How the advanced serving fee is applied

The fee is the same rate as is currently contracted for advanced display creatives in your Campaign Manager 360 contract. If you use Campaign Manager 360 with Display & Video 360, you’ll only be charged once, in Campaign Manager 360. For example, if you upload creatives to Campaign Manager 360, then sync them to Display & Video 360, the fee will be applied in Campaign Manager 360 only.

How to identify advanced formats in Campaign Manager 360

If your creative is dynamic, you will see the dynamic creative icon  and ID next to it in Campaign Manager 360, in your campaign view or advertiser Creatives tab.

More advanced creative formats will be available later this year in Campaign Manager 360, including customizable creatives that can be exported from Ads Creative Studio.

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