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Set up creatives for NBC Peacock

Follow these guidelines to make sure creatives can run on NBC Peacock.

Upload a high-quality source file

Upload a source file with a minimum bitrate of 25 MBPS to generate a mezzanine file, which is required by NBC Peacock.

Turn on high-quality transcodes in your placements

NBC Peacock requires a high-quality transcode to use as a mezzanine file:

  • Minimum resolution: 1920 × 1080
  • Minimum bitrate: 15 Mbps

Turn on a mezzanine quality transcode at the placement level to make sure all creatives in the placement include the required transcodes.

  1. Open the placement.
  2. Turn on Control transcodes from the placement.
  3. Make sure that a mezzanine transcode is included and turned on. The mezzanine file requires a 1920 × 1080 resolution with a video bitrate of at least 15 Mbps or higher. Any tag without a mezzanine will be ineligible to run on NBC Peacock inventory and will be rejected.
  4. Turn on additional transcodes to match NBC Peacock's other requirements:
    • High: 1920 × 1080 resolution with a 3.25–5 Mbps bitrate
    • Medium: 960 × 540 or 640 × 480 resolution with a 1–1.5 Mbps bitrate
    • Low: 640 × 360 or 416×234 resolution with a 340–460 Kbps bitrate

If the available transcodes don't meet these requirements, try uploading a higher quality source file.

Use only VAST 2.0 tags

Make sure to only select VAST 2.0 placement tags. VAST or VPAID hybrid tags are not compatible with NBC Peacock.

Add a Universal Ad ID

Add a universal AD ID to the Identification section of each unique creative.

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