What's new: March 2021

Learn about new features and updates to Campaign Manager 360 from March 2021

Trafficking and workflow updates

Default ad changes and new optional duration setting streamline in-stream video workflows

You’ll see a few changes that help streamline your workflows for setting up campaigns with in-stream video creatives:

  • Optional placement-level duration setting: In-stream video placements have a new optional duration setting to control which creatives are eligible to serve depending on their length. Learn more
  • Duration setting in the campaign spreadsheet: A new column called Placement Duration is available in the campaign spreadsheet for the optional duration setting. Learn more
  • Default ad updates: Default ads for in-stream video now allow multiple creative assignments, one per unique duration within a campaign. You can assign default ads with multiple in-stream video creatives to any in-stream video placement with a matching duration setting. New default ads for in-stream video automatically have an active status. Learn more

Event tag assignment available in the campaign spreadsheet

To make it easier for you to apply and edit event tags in bulk, you can now use the campaign spreadsheet to update event tag assignment. There are three new columns in the spreadsheet:

  • Applied Impression Event Tag IDs
  • Applied Click Event Tag ID
  • Creative Assignment Event Tags Enabled

Learn more

Simplified workflow for ad blocking

To reduce clutter in your campaigns and streamline the process of managing ad blocking, Campaign Manager 360 now only creates one brand safe ad per placement. Previously, Campaign Manager 360 automatically created a separate brand safe ad for each dimension of a placement. For example, if a placement is compatible with 3 dimensions, Campaign Manager 360 would create 3 separate brand safe ads. Going forward, you’ll only see 1 brand safe ad for this placement.

Language and technology targeting updates

We’ve simplified ad targeting by removing support for outdated or rarely used options:

  • Language targeting: Swahili and Afrikaans have been removed. 
  • Technology targeting: Under the platform type option, “mobile midrange: feature phone” has been removed.

Invitation emails for new user profiles come from a new email address

New user profile invitation emails sent from Campaign Manager 360 are now sent from noreply+campaignmanager360@google.com. They were previously sent from noreply+dfa@google.com. You may need to check that this email address won’t be filtered out by your company’s spam protections.

The ltd= parameter is available for publishers to restrict the use of identifiers in click trackers

The ltd= parameter is available for use in click trackers. Publishers can set this parameter to ltd=1 to ensure that click trackers don’t use any identifiers (user ID, event IDs like GCLID or DCLID) in environments where policies or user consent define their use. Learn more

Insights updates

Active View expanded use of Open Measurement SDK on mobile app display inventory

During the week of March 22, Active View measurement switched from using proprietary signals to using signals from Open Measurement (OM) SDK when measuring viewability for mobile app display inventory in Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360. This change brings Active View in line with the industry standard. There may be a small change in mobile app display measurability and viewability. This change only impacts Active View measurement on inventory where the OM SDK is available.

N+ frequency available in Unique Reach reports

N+ frequency, a dimension that determines how many people observed a given ad N+ times, is available in reporting. You’ll see a new “Reach by frequency” metric selection section in Unique Reach reports, allowing up to four metric selections: 

  • Unique Reach: Impression Reach
  • Unique Reach: Click Reach
  • Unique Reach: Total Reach
  • Unique Reach: Viewable Impression Reach

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