Path Reports

Full Path and Path Attribution reporting for conversion analysis

Use Path reports to gather insight about the path a given user took that led to a conversion.

What counts as a conversion?


When counting conversions, path reports behave differently than standard reports. Path reports contain all attributed and unattributed conversions. All floodlight events are counted as conversions even if they weren't preceded by an impression or click. Attribution models, settings, or lookback windows aren't taken into consideration for path reports and conversions are based explicitly on floodlight events.

Full Path

Full path reports can show the number of times a path occurred, and the various events within the path.


  • Total Paths
    The total number of times a path occurred for unique cookies with a given path pattern.


  • Path Pattern ID
    Events with the same path pattern ID are in the same path. This ID is not unique across reports or within multiple runs of the same report.

  • Path Event Index
    The position of the event within a given path. Position zero is the earliest.

  • Event Type
    The event type within a path. Examples include: View, Click, Floodlight, and Custom.

Path Attribution

Path attribution reports shows a count of unique cookies with conversions. You can use custom channel groupings to discover how often a given criteria was involved in the converting path. 


  • Total Paths
    The total number of times a path occurred for unique cookies with a given path pattern.

  • Converting Paths
    The total number of unique cookies with one or more last interaction conversions. 

  • Path Conversion Rate
    Converting paths / total paths for the entity.

  • Total Exposures
    Total impressions + clicks for the entity.

Create a custom channel grouping

You can apply a custom label to any path event that matches a set of rules you've written.

  1. Next to Custom channel grouping click + create new
  2. For channel name, write a label you want to appear as a column in your report
  3. For rule names, write labels that will be applied to the events that match your rules
    1. If an event matches multiple rules, the first rule name it matches will be applied
  4. Add rules using and / or statements
  5. For fallback write a label that will be shown if none of the rules are met

Path filters

  • You can filter reports to only show the paths containing your chosen information 
  • You can also filter by position within a path: Any, First, or Last

For example, you might filter your report to only show paths associated with a campaign name that contains the word "video". If you also chose First position the above example would be filtered even more to only show paths with an impression / click in the first position (path event index = 0)


  • There is a maximum of 30 days of data
  • Path pattern ID = 0 may display for all path patterns that didn't meet privacy requirements of the report. This row is summed.
  • Path Attribution reports use the last interaction attribution model, and any attribution settings or lookback windows will be ignored.
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