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Updated: Yesterday
Unwanted and suspicious Reminder on Calender Hello all, I noticed today that there are two suspicious reminders on my Goolge Calender for 5th Apr…
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How do I change the display name on calendar invites? I've created a Google calendar for an organisation I'm part of and have tested things out with some …
0 Recommended Answers 16 Replies 33 Upvotes
How do I move other peoples calendars that are showing up in My Calendars to Other Calendars? Our company calendars all show up under "My Calendar" and I get all of the alerts and notifications …
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Is it possible to allow comments on public calendar items? I've built a public calendar, and am wondering if it might be possible to create or use a mechanism …
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How can I invite a "contact label" to a calendar event? In contacts.google.com it is possible to create "labels" which seem to have replaced the old "contac… How do i delete an event/meeting without notifying the organizer of that event/meeting? Im having the issue when I delete a calendar invite/meeting it is notifying the organizer. Specifica…
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Error when trying to invite a guest to accept invites Hiya, I'm very frustrated with Google Calendar as I have had the same problem last year and it hasn'…
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Updating birthday not showing up on Google Calendar (Desktop) I have a contact John Doe with a birthday Feb 08. I realized this birthday is wrong and updated to F…
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Post revoked with no violation of community policy Community-management issue: I recently posted about an issue where Google Calendar under GSuite for …
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How can I automatically "add to calendar" coming from Outlook to my Gmail through groups? If the calendar event is shared with a group, (in other words, my email is not in the "To" list), th…
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Some Classroom assignments are missing from Google Classroom My school is using Google Classroom for remote learning. We are having some difficulty with having a…
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WHY can't I let a non-google user edit my calendar?! I understand that it can't be done to give edit permission to a non-google user without them setting…
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"Kevin Walker, 8 am" -How do I get rid of time showing at end of entry on calendar? This is a shared calendar that my supervisor created for clerical support. Other calendars do not pu…
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Could Not Open the Requested Event When clicking on "view on Google Calendar" in a calendar invitation on Gmail, I get this error in Go…
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How do I integrate my Family Calendar with G Suite Work Calendar? Hello Community, Background: I have G Suite for my work email and work calendar. I also have a perso… How do I change the name of a subscribe by url Calendar? I added a calendar by subscribing by url and I cannot make any edits to it - I mainly want to change…
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Why do calendar invites delete themselves from the calendar? Coworkers are scheduling meetings on google calendar and the meetings are being cancelled before the…
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