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How do I set Google Calendar to Dark Mode? I've already set Gmail to Dark Mode. How do I set the Google Calendar to Dark Mode? My Google is already working in Dark Mode. I'm using … Almost all of my tasks disappered Hi, I have about 400 open tasks. Today when I started my laptop I can see 35 of them. All the other …
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'Tasks' calendar doesn't appear in Google Calendar Android app I am trying to use Google Tasks to add tasks with due dates to my Google Calendar. I can see my task… How can I print or export my Google Tasks list from my PC? The old tasks canvas allowed printing and management on a PC. What has replaced this functionality? Why am I seeing reminders for tasks scheduled next year? I have two reminders for today (I think they rollover if I don't complete them) that are tasks for n…
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Have to sign in every time I click on calendar, regardless of remedies offered. Are there any better calendars besides google? Have to sign in every time I want to bring up the calendar, regardless of all the "remedies" suggest…
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I accidentally deleted a task list and "undo" box disappeared before I could hit it. Can I recover? I moved my reminders into a task list. Didn't like them there, so I moved them back onto the calenda… Feature Request: Google Tasks desktop app for Windows and MacOS Hello, it would be wonderful to have a desktop app for Google Tasks, such that it syncs whenever it …
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Tasks showing up in Calendar but not Tasks Repeating tasks are correctly shown in Calendar on the web, if not on Android. However they do not s…
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cannot scroll through a document i am editing read several community posts, asked help, withdrew in frustration. My calendar is showing all events and tasks twice. How do I get it back to normal? I have several accounts synced to my google calendar, I have unclicked an account and it fixes it, b…
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How to remind by location ? Hi, How can I be notified for a task, when arriving at a certain location ? Regards, Frank Google Calendar not showing Tasks on iPhone I checked https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!msg/calendar/EM7BYQmLQ8A/ymigBzuLAwAJ. I strongly… Google calender is automatically ticking off my tasks when I haven't completed them Whenever I go on google calender on my computer and I open tasks, it randomly decides to mark them a…
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Any progress on the LIST order in Google tasks? LIST order seems random! Any progress on the order of lists, not tasks but lists, seems to be random and I have found no way …
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