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Updated: Yesterday
How do I remove background images from my calendar - like the image of Christmas Party with alcohol? I have tried looking through the settings and web searches, but I cannot find anything that would al… Change calendar increments to half or quarter hour The default on the week view has one hour increments on the calendar; I would like half or quarter h…
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search in calendar does not give all results Hello, when I search my google calendar for the word 'pass' it shows up 3 results. 2 in march 2019 t… Where's the Colours option for different calendars, option is gone? Have different colours views for different calendars ie US calendar
0 Recommended Answers 18 Replies 36 Upvotes
How to change default view to week, not month? My settings options don't look like the tutorials! All of the tutorials say to simply change the default view in settings. But when I go into my settin… How to default to monthly view instead of schedule view I do not like the 'Schedule' view AT ALL, and would love to have the app open to the 'Month' view. S…
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Drag and Drop isn't working at all anymore in the browser/web version Drag and drop stopped working and that's a dealbreaker for me. I can't adjust the duration or move e… how do I View the Week Numbers in Google Calendar? Hi guys, i just want to be able to see what is the number of the week on Google Calendar (eg week 8 …
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Google Calendar font is WAY too light. How do I fix it? Google's default font for the Google Calendar is light gray on a white background - impossible to re…
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why no smooth vertical scrolling in calendar month or multi-week view? Tearing my hair out. Please refer to: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/calendar/8l4Wyj…
0 Recommended Answers 61 Replies 214 Upvotes
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