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Updated: Yesterday
Not all the events in my calendar are showing up on my phone. I recently upgraded my Android OS on my S8 and since the upgrade, not all the events on my Google ca…
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Google Calendar is not updating my Outlook Calendar url anymore Google Calendar is not updating my Outlook Calendar via url (https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calen… Other calendar not synchronized anymore Hi all! I have my calendar on the google agenda app, and can also see my girlfriend’s calendar. Howe…
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I cannot delete 1 event on Google Calendar reoccurring events. It disappears and shows back up. I cannot delete one instance of a reoccurring event. It disappears then pops up again. Is it possible to sync my business outlook calender with my google calender, NOT the otherway around I know that i can sync my calender form google to outlook. But I want to use the google Calender App…
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How can I have Google Assistant access my exchange calendar from work? New pixel 3 getting setup. just added my exchange account and trying to have Google Assistant read m… How can I sync Google Tasks with Google Calendar on my iOS devices? While I can see tasks I've created via Google Tasks service in Google Calendar on my computer, I can… How do I sync Google Cal with iCalendar on iMac, and keep color coded calendars same? I synced my Google Calendar with my iOS calendar. Everything popped up okay, but the color coded cal…
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Problem syncing google calendar with apple calendar--can't add google account to my iphone at all I recently created a shared google calendar with a family member, but can't see my events, etc on my…
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How do I remove my outlook events from google calendar? One year ago I've sync my outlook calendar from my company with google calendar. Unfortunately I don…
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Some Calendar items entered on desktop calendar (Web) will not appear on Android Calendar app As a rule, I GENERALLY enter calendar items from Chrome or Firefox using my desktop or laptop (Both …
0 Recommended Answers 96 Replies 230 Upvotes
Gmail events (hotel reservations) not syncing onto Google Calendar Hello, I have received multiple hotel confirmations, and my Gmail iOS is able to detect the details … How can I keep old events on iphone calendar app longer than 1 month ? On my iPhone google calendar app any event older than 4 weeks disappears except for my occurring eve…
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How can we know recurring event when Retrieve recurring event from google calendar using google API Hi, I am retrieving all events from google calendar with recurring events from using google API, but…
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