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I have students scheduling appointments (signing up for appointments) that have already passed. Students are scheduling appointments that have already passed. I've used calendar for many years, an…
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How do I turn off alerts for calendar events? I have several Gmail accounts arriving into a single Gmail inbox. Each time I receive an email notif…
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Unauthorized additions to calendar For months now random events are being added to my calendar on my android based phone and the Google…
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How do I create an event in the calendar and link it to my other calendars under the same account? I need to create multiple tasks, and what i need is to sub-categorize them. For example, I have a pa…
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Can I send weekly email reminders for a google calendar to a group email? Our school wants the high school staff to receive weekly emails for events on our school calendar. I…
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I’m not able to add any new appointments. When I click the ‘+’ button it shows up but I can’t press I can’t press the ´appointment’ button even though it shows. When I press a specific Time in my cale…
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I keep getting security alerts when adding Zoom meeting events When scheduling a meeting through the Zoom desktop app and selecting the Google calendar option, I k…
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Although Google shortcuts are enabled, they don't work. Advice much appreciated please. Google shortcuts. Although enabled i.e. ticked in Settings, the Google shortcuts don't work. The res…
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How do I keep someone from double booking a preset appt. on our google calendar? I have tried using "out of office", but it wont let me duplicate the event. I have also tried modify…
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Google calendar won't open setting or allow to create a new entry. I have tried all the steps on the help page to the point of clearing data.
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How do I print a month calendar that is not shrunk? I want a full 8 1/2 by 11 size page of print I am trying to print a full month of Google calendar. It is printing but it is not a full page. How … I already set my google calendar as the same time zone, but it is still one hour late. The time is one hour out.
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How can I email guests from the Google Calendar App (Android)? On the desktop version of G Calendar, I can send an email to guests that auto include the details of…
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