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Exporting Centauro (school calendar) doesn't sync to phone (android). But is visible on desktop. Today I exported my school calendar using the iCalendar format to my google calendar. When I open th…
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HELP NEEDED. "Oops, we couldn't create this event, please try again in a few minutes" error I am trying to add events to my calendar and keep getting "Oops, we couldn't create this event, plea…
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There are no entries in Year view. All other views working. Why? Calendar year view has no entries. All other views are working. Has been working in the past. Is the… my birthday calendar disappears every time I reload my google calendar Please help
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Calendar ioS widget Widget doesn't show next day's events. Currently shows only current day's events. Earlier it used to…
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unable to see a shared calendar events on my calendar I'm unable to see my wife's calendar events on my calendar. Family calendar missing I've just created a family link for myself, my wife and my daughter. However, I now cannot see the f…
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Help with displaying all my calendars on the Google calendar app I am subscribed to several calendars which I add by URL. They all show on the browser version of my …
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All the events on my google calendar disappeared.. how to fix the problem? With the last update on my iPhone X the app doesn’t show anymore all the scheduled event. I already …
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Recurring event does not show up on Google Calendar App I set up recurring events on Google calendar web version with no problem. However, the problem is th…
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