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Some Calendar items entered on desktop calendar (Web) will not appear on Android Calendar app As a rule, I GENERALLY enter calendar items from Chrome or Firefox using my desktop or laptop (Both …
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i can't edit my calendar events anymore, if I click on the edit icon (pen), nothing happens nothing, just what used to work before: click on the edit icon How do I show the appointment slots on website I tried to show the google calendar on my website and make other students to book appointment slots.… Can't sync my google calendar to a new phone I have a new phone, and synced my Google acoun, but it haven't synced any of my Google Calendar even…
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Calendar is being shared with someone when my settings say it isn't being shared. Need to unshare it I have checked my sharing settings, but it says i'm not sharing my calendar with anyone. This girl i…
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Suddenly my Task list completes itself! Suddenly my Task list completes itself! I've been using it the exact same way for about a year and N…
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iCloud subscribed calendar NOT updating in Google calendar I am trying to set up my apple/icloud calendars to sync to my google calendar. The initial sync look…
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Why aren't my contacts birthdays showing up in my calendar? Some of my contacts have birthdays attached to them but they aren't showing up on my calendar. I hav…
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Shared Calendar only shows "Busy" despite sharing with "See All Event Details" I am sharing my work google-calendar with my personal google account. I've done this by What is the difference between Events, Reminders and Tasks? Can someone please explain me the difference between the three briefly? Thanks! 🙂👍 how can i recover the task that accidentally deleted ? how can i recover the task that accidentally deleted ? Facebook events not showing anymore My calendar showed my Facebook events but suddenly it stopped. I'm subscribed to that calendar, and …
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My daughter has granted me access to her calendar, but I can't add events to her calendar. Help pls. Google sent me the email that she has allowed me to VIEW her calendar, but I need to be able to ADD …
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Device Policy Alert Hi guys, hoping you can help. When clicking my Google Calendar app on my iPhone (which have worked f…
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Show events as accepted or declined for personal calendar? Change colors? Trying to figure out if there's any good way to organize my calendar for my work shifts. I've added …
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Google calendar on android won't sync to laptop Performed all troubleshooting as per help section in google calendar, with no success. Events still …
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Calendar events disappear when syncing calendar app I have used Google calendar on my phone for years without problems. Recently it started acting very …
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"Oops, we couldn't update this event. Please try again in a few minutes" Want to update or edit calendar entried
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Can't delete calendar - I press 'delete', but it does nothing I'm trying to delete a calendar using the thing that says "Remove calendar All events in this calend… Has the interruptive Alert feature been removed? My calendar notifications are set to 'Alerts' but my screen is no longer hijacked when an event is u…
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