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I created a Google calendar event using the Gmail calendar app.  But when I tried to edit the event in Calendar by inviting someone it will not add the guest invite nor perit me to Save.  So I cannot edit this event.
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I have the same problem.  It only started recently.  I am using MS Edge browser....  Help!
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I am experiencing the same issue.  @Original Poster, did you get this resolved?  If so, how?

I am using Chrome.

I will try what others have recommended and use incognito mode.  (The odd thing is, if I have cleared my cache for all time, what is different between normal and incognito mode that might allow incognito to work?)

I am able to get normal function while in incognito mode.  When I go back to "normal" mode it still does not work properly.

All encountering this or a similar type problem, visit this page:

The above link I posted stated, on 2019 FEB 01, that the issue has been resolved.  Today is 2019 FEB 19, and I am experiencing the same or a similar issue.  So, #fakenews on the resolution.
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FIXED !!! - Currently

0) I realize this was done in an unrepeatable manner, but I claim desperation.  I first disabled the Google Docs Offline extension.  My other extensions are Adobe Acrobat, and Disconnect.  Perhaps this alone did the trick?  I carried on...

1) From within Google Chrome, I cleared the browser history for all time, using the advanced menu, and cleared everything Chrome allowed me to checkmark and clear.  I am not sure if this did anything, but I then logged out of my Google account, and repeated the advanced full, for all time, browser history purge.  Then I closed Google Chrome.

2) I used a third-party tool, CCleaner free version, to clear all extraneous cached files.  Interesting enough, CCleaner did show several hundred files that it associated with Chrome.

3) I then opened Google Chrome.  I logged into my Google account, and went straight to the Calendar.  I created a test event, and it worked fine.

Based on reading I just conducted regarding the differences between Google Chrome's normal and incognito modes, I was highly confident this was a cache issue, an extension issue, a javascript issue, or some hybrid of these.  I tried the one extension and cache first.

I am in Windows 10, using Google Chrome.
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I cannot edit a calendar entry I created on my google calendar.  I noticed that when I tried to email the organizer, the organizer is not me, but rather:  UNKNOWNORGANIZER@CALENDAR.GOOGLE.COM.

This is occurring on some calendar entries, but not all.  I had created this entry last year.  It is not occurring with currently created entries.  I suspect Google updated something and all entries created prior to that date no longer appear as if they were created by us.  Like any entry you receive from another source, it has to be changed at the source.  

Google - Please fix.
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Help please, novice computer person here. we can't edit google calendar, which is associated with our "slack" account. Something has changed...can you give me step, by step instructions?
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Today is March 20, 2019.  I cannot edit my google calendar events or reminders.  I need a solution ASAP.  Please help!  Thanks.
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Today is March 21st, 2019. I also cannot edit my google calendar events when adding invitees.  
Chrome (Latest)
Windows 10 (Latest)
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I am able to edit everything except the event type. 
What’s up with that??
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Posting issues to google support is absolutely useless. There are SO MANY posts just like this and none of them have any answers from google.
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3 days
Although I could edit calendar entries yesterday, as of today I can not neither on Chrome nor on Edge browsers. Problem exists on both free Google account and on business G-Suite. I have to use my iphone to edit calendar entries!
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