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How do I print task list? 0 Recommended Answers 30 Replies 174 Upvotes
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I want to print my task list
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Me too!! Very annoying that they removed the print option.
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I think we have to make them "events" in order to print them on the calendar...I am going to try it., and let you know..
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My attorney would be very angry if I have to add 30 additional items to his calendar just because they took off the ability to print our task list.
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Yes this is so annoying.  I also miss the Canvas from which gave a good overview. 

Google, please re-insert the Print and Canvas features and find a solution to this issue. 

My task list with a lot of important tasks is now more or less impossible to use. :-(
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Yeah, now that Tasks Canvas is gone, this has gotten very difficult. The best workaround so far is to use a 3rd party app that integrates with Google Tasks, like the GTasks app.
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Completely concur
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The fact that I can no longer print out or save my task list to .pdf is totally unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on Google - quit screwing around
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Agreed.  Most of the time, when I need my task list, I do not have access to a mobile device or computer. I relied heavily on printing, manual marking done/adding tasks on paper, then pushing them back into the Tasks tool.  For me, this went from awesome to unusable.  I really don't like cluttering Chrome with extensions, or adding (fairly) redundant apps to my mobile devices.  Seems like this should just be standard.
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Is Google listening?
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Frustrating.  My task list is useless if I can't print it!
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