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Some Calendar items entered on desktop calendar (Web) will not appear on Android Calendar app 0 Recommended Answers 95 Replies 227 Upvotes
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As a rule, I GENERALLY enter calendar items from Chrome or Firefox using my desktop or laptop  (Both Windows 10). I am in front of a computer all day and it's just easier.
99 times out of 100 I don't even need to worry that the entry will sync up with my phone's calendar (Moto G5s Plus. Android version 8.1.0).
In fact, all my items are nicely synced until I get to around May 2020 (As of the writing of this, we are now in April 2019 but I've noticed this for at least 6 months.)
Once we get to May 2020, *some* of my items sync to my phone, but others (like, the important ones; trip to Japan and 2 client jobs) do not.
I have duplicated these items, altered their times, added them to different calendars, etc and nothing makes them appear on the phone. I have had to resort to adding them manually to my phone's calendar.

That was all well and good until I uninstalled the cal app and reinstalled it and synced... at which point, it deleted the May 2020 and June 2020 items I had to enter in my phone's cal manually.

I've tried to ignore this but I fear it's going to literally cost me thousands of dollars once 2020 gets here and I miss a job (Or a plane) because of the lack of syncing.
Any help is much appreciated.
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Have a similar problem but only with some events. Why?
Last edited 5/16/19
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I have the same issue! I tried creating an event in April and it sync almost instantly. But I May 2020 doesn't work.
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I'm having a similar issue, only it's the reverse of above.  I enter an event on my Samsung S7 and it does not show up on my desktop version of Calendar.  All settings are as they should be and my PC (Windows 10) and Chrome are up to date. Can't see my Contacts on my phone either!  I have a feeling this has been a problem since March 27 when my contacts were last synced.  Frustrating.
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Some of these problems are probably caused by the sync limitations of your devices, which are often limited to sync events for the last and coming year. Try with another calendar app such as Calengoo to see if the problem persists.
Last edited 4/26/19
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I have similar issues.  I can add entries on my phone and they show on my pc but not the other way round, also if I then delete the entry on my phone this doesnt delete on my pc
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I am having the reverse condition.  I put an event on the web version and it syncs to the mobile app and not the other way around.  Anyone has a work around?  I deleted the app from my phone and reloaded it and still the same issue.
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I'm having similar issues! But my missing events start in September 2019. They're all events that I have been invited to by someone else. And as of mid October 2019 onwards, none of the events that I have been invited to show up on my phone. The events are visible on google calendar on my laptop, but NOT on the google calendar app on my phone (Samsung Galaxy 8+)
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Same issue for me.

I cannot sync details from June 2020 correctly.

Doesn't matter if i create them on either desktop or phone they will not sync across.

Every now and again, they will sync to the logged in phone but not to the othe 2 people i share the calender with. highly annoying!
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Just that some entries from my calendar online don't appear in my app. Big problems. It's a subscribed calendar. Old entries appear new entries don't. All the proper boxes are checked. Unsubscribed and resunsribed. Uninstalled reinstalled. Cleared the cache. Changed the app. LG thinq
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2 days
somewhere between april 2020 and jan 2021 it stiops syncing data from desktop to android.  please fix
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