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My Calendar has been wiped clean... No matter what I log in on, it's gone. 0 Recommended Answers 40 Replies 67 Upvotes
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My Calendar has recently been wiped clean. The missing events including recurring events are not in Trash can. There are some events still in calendar from 2018 but not all. The calendar is linked to my google account.
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Sorry to hear about this.
A few questions:
  • are you using the official Google Calendar app?
  • if you log on to the desktop version of Calendar (https://calendar.google.com), do you see them there?
  • were they ever on the desktop version?
  • do you have another calendar app on your phone?
If you have been adding events to another calendar (for example, Samsung bundle their S Planner calendar with their phones), these are read and displayed by the Google calendar app; however, they are not synced with the online version; so, if you cleared the local calendar data, you would no longer see it displayed in the Google calendar app.
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Hi Patrick

Thank you for the quick response.

Yes - I am using official Google Calender
Ive logged onto desktop version  - I can only see some recurring items, and some non-recurring from 2018 - but not all items.
Unknown if they were ever on desktop version.
There is another calendar app - Samsung Calendar app I believe. This has not been used in several years. I note that the recurring items in this app are showing in my Google Calendar.
Is there a way of restoring the data?

Last edited 2/23/19
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I have the same issue on my Android app since I switched to android Pie.
I've tried everything listed on https://support.google.com/calendar/answer/6261951?hl=en but nothing works. 
I can add events frommy phone but can't see them. However I can see them on my computer. :/

If you find a solution I'm really interrested.
Last edited 2/24/19
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I have same issue. I cannot see the days or any events in my calendar. It just wiped off.
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Ditto here. And nothing I'm doing is helping. Just wiped out. Totally disappeared.
Today I've created another gmail account, it linked to my email address (the one I used for my calendar) and since then... everything disappear. Any help with that?
Thanks in advance. I'm in deep trouble now...
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Dear All
I am using the S Calendar on Samsung Galaxy S4. I deleted the Google Calendar on my PC/tablet (Microsoft Surface Pro) and all calendar events have been deleted from the S Calendar. I have checked online forums about this and how to restore the Google Calendar (assuming that this will restore the S Calendar on the phone) and nothing works. The version of Google Calendar which I have on the Surface Pro does not have a Trash can, or if it does, I cannot find it in the places described by other posts. Can anyone help me please?
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The same thing! It’s acting like I’m a new user and telling me to ‘Get Started’! I’m disabled and my med logs, appointments, everything is gone! How can I get it back? I’m ot at all computer literate, I just use the darn thing! I don’t  even know how to access the cloud, would it be up there, in there, outer space? Help please?
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same problem I am pissed anyone know how to retrieve them
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I am using the google app on my Macbook and on my iphone.  All of my events are gone.  Nothing is in the trash.  How do I restore all of my events?  how was it deleted?  Where did it all go?  

Please help asap! This is my only calendar.  :(
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5 days
Help please.. all my records are gone. Suddenly. Also from web version. Has Google any backup?
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