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Google Calendar not updating published calendar added by URL

so yeah, i have a  ics-calender on icalx.com. iCal instantly publishes an updated version to that site as soon as i edit something in my calendar (literally within 1 second or editing it in iCal)

i have added this calendar to google calendar (via "other calendars" -> "add by url"). however, after editing the calender on the mac, it wont get updated on the google calender website. The  file added to google calender does update, however, its just the google calender itself that doesnt adapt.

even worse, after deleting the calender from google and adding is again (with the updated stuff), it still displays the old one without the changes. thats not cool.

i know i'm not the first to complain about this and i hope i wont be the last. there is a simple solution: just add a refresh-button for external calendars. cant be too hard to do. other have it as well. its a minor update that will improve your product over 9000%.
everyone start threads about this please. lets get googles attention. google doesnt seem to care, so lets make them care.
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Google user
i'm having the same exact problem, didnt notice untill i actually missed a job appointment so i'd like to have it fixed as soon as possible.
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i think i found an answer to one of the issues: if you updated a calender on any hoster, delete it from google and add it again with the same link. but this time, add "?nocache" at the end.

so the URL that you added to google should look like this for example: http://icalx.com/public/yourcalender.ics?nocache

by doing that, google calender at least doesnt just load any old version from its cache, but actually fetches the updates calender file.
Google user
Google user
Thanks for the ?nocache fix.  That seems to work fine.

Any luck figuring out how to make Google calendar post updates to the added by URL calendar???

I tried the ?nocache and it is not working for me. Just had an event added to my external calendar and not getting updated in my google calendar.
Peter Delrue
Peter Delrue
Google calendar keeps using the same cache.  When you remove and add the url again, try using ?noCache1, ?noCache2, ... that seems to work.  
But hell, GOOGLE, please fix this.
Fran Marino
Fran Marino
Same problem here...does google have a fix for this yet?

Svilen Vassilev
Svilen Vassilev
Same problem and hoping for a fix
Same problem here.  This bug has been present for over five years.  Come on Google, you have a lot of smart engineers.  Why not give us a simple 'refresh feed' button so we can stop bugging you about this?
Google user
Google user
Any update with this? All was working perfectly with my calendars until about five days ago. Since then...and dozens of attempts to clear the cache, delete, reload, and otherwise refresh the calendar...absolutely nothing. Just a calendar from a week ago with zero updates (of dozens that were made). A calendar is no good if it can't be updated...
Øyvind Stegard
Øyvind Stegard
I currently have the same issue with a calendar imported by URL (ICS file over http://) in Google Calendar. It's not refreshing properly and new events are not shown. There is nothing wrong with the service providing the ICS file (it contains the new events missing from view in Google Calendar). Come on Google, an option to force refresh imported calendars would be nice !
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I've had the same issue with importing my Facebook calendar, it's happened a few times in the past and seemed to sort itself out after a while.

Google calendar reported that it couldn't import the FB calendar (some parsing error) when i tried to add it a second time (with a bogus url parameter added to avoid it being viewed as a duplicate).
Then I removed myself from a facebook event which had a ' (singlequote) in the event name, and after that importing (again with a another bogus url param) worked.

So I would guess Facebook doesn't properly escape their quotes in the ics format, and Google goes berserk over it.

To the google devs: I know it's probably not your fault, but it's your users' problem, so a small fix for this would be awesome.
Hope this helps some of you users as well.

The offending event in ics:
SUMMARY:Bootz & Beatz '17
DESCRIPTION:Alle Bootzers\, begeleiders en vrie
 nden zijn welkom op dit lekker fee
 stje. De perfecte plaats om af te
 spreken met medereizigers om hen n
 og eens stevig te knuffelen\, nosta
 lgisch te huilen bij reisfoto's of
  een danske te placeren.\nGratis in
 kom met je Bootz-badge.\nAlle info:

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