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Google Calendar RSS Feed

Google has removed the XML (RSS) feature - which worked very well with my website to show upcoming events. Is there another option available so I can easily add this feature back to my website?
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Monica J.
Monica J.
Hi CPA News,

Welcome to the Google Calendar forum!

Due to low usage rates and an effort to streamline our services, the XML feeds feature in Google Calendar will no longer be supported after November 18. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes. If you want to still see your calendar in other applications or sites, there are additional options:

Embed your calendar in your website or blog using HTML.
Use the Google Calendar API to display, create and modify calendar events if you're a developer.

Let me know if this helps.  Thanks!


Jesse Isaac
Jesse Isaac
This is extremely frustrating. The calendar and upcoming events sections on my website stopped working and broke my whole site. How hard can it be to have leave the feed going for those who still use it, but discontinue future support? The difference in scale for me to use the API to display events, vs grabbing some data is huge. And sorry, but the embedding options suck for design integration.
I support the previous answer. The alternatives to xml-feed require a lot of manpower to reprogram applications that rely on the
xml-feed. It seems to me a very user-unfriendly decision from google.
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