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Google calendar won't sync live meeting appointments on my outlook? Using ver 9.3.5

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I agree.  I can't find anywhere that google addresses this issue.
I certify/confirm to be a long term issue, and never addressed. Just adding my voice and request.
This is also happenning for me.  As soon as an appt is converted to livemeeting, it dissapears in google calendar.
same here - and I have a ton of live meeting appointments
Still an issue as of 1/25/10
This issue is not with ALL Live Meeting invitations, it is ONLY with Live Meeting invitations sent by YOU. Any Live Meeting invitation sent to you from another meeting organizer should be picked up by Google Calendar Sync.

Here is a temporary workaround via a mail rule in MS Outlook:

1. From the mail view in Outlook, click Tools, Rules and Alerts
2. Select:
      a. which is a meeting invitation or update
      b. with specific words in the body
             i. the words are "Office Live Meeting"
3. Click Next
4. Select: Cc the message to people or distribution list
      a. put your gmail address as in this rule

The only downside is, if you have two-way calendar syncing, then this will create a second instance of the meeting on your work calendar. To me, this is a better solution than not having self-created meeting invites on gCal.

This happens with ALL Live Meeting Invitations enven ones sent to me from another organizer.  The gmail workaround is not an option as I don't use gmail.

That is odd. It appears many google users report otherwise, and this is contrary to my personal experience and the experience of several people I know, first-hand. It does not surprise me that the experience is different for many of us, though.
My suggestion to you would be to create a dummy gmail account tied to your gcal account. It's only purpose would be to receive these CCd meeting invitations. The nice thing about this is that gcal will automatically add meeting invitations sent to the related gmail account. You would not need to sign into gmail and accept the meeting invitation.

In your case, you would need to create 2 outlook rules. One for incoming meeting invitations and one for outgoing invitations. You would search for the Microsoft Live Meeting text and forward/CC to your gmail account.

Alternately, you could vbscript something in outlook to create a copy of the meeting into a normal outlook meeting invitation.
still warm
still warm
I'm using Outlook 2007 and I find that Appointments and Events sync, but not Meetings - sent by me or anyone else. I'm not entirely sure of the difference between these different types of items, but when I open an existing item, it states which it is at the top of the window.
It means I can work around it partly, by only creating Appointments myself, but I can't do anything about the Meetings that others create.
I'm having the sync issue with Outlook 2007 and ALL live meetings weather scheduled by me or others. The copy solution is not a solution for me as it will create conflicting (duplicate) appointments on the originating calendar.  I'm using this tool to sync my personal calendar (at home) with my corporate exchange calendar (at work).  The tool has worked great with a few exceptions (like this one).  Hoping Google Dev cares and is willing to address.
Thanks everyone for the help.  I was able to change the Message Class using the program Outlook Spy (free).  Select the appointment, and choose the Outlook Spy button marked "IMessage".  Edit the message class property from "IPM.Appointment.LiveMeeting" to "IPM.Appointment" and the problem is immediately fixed.

There are so many glaring problems with Google Calendar Sync.
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