Troubleshoot CalDAV issues

Apple iCal is stuck "spinning"

If you're trying to add Google Calendar to iCal and the initial sync seems to spin indefinitely (without ever finishing), remove your account and re-add it. Doing this effectively "resets" your Google Calendar connection to iCal.

RSVP status is incorrect in Apple iCal
The default Apple iCal setting for the "my status" drop-down is set to Accept, regardless of your actual response status. Keep in mind that the guest list will reflect your actual response. To change your status, select the appropriate option from the "my status" drop-down menu. To accept the invitation in iCal, you must first select "Tentative" or "Decline," and then select "Accept."

Unable to RSVP to an event in Apple iCal
If you're unable to respond to an event, please consider the following two scenarios:

You haven't manually accepted events in Apple iCal

To accept invitations, you must first select "Tentative" or "Decline," and then select "Accept." Finally, click "Reply" to respond to the invitation.

You haven't added the email address you use with Google Calendar to your "me card" in Apple's Address Book application

In order to edit an event you've organized or change your RSVP status, Apple iCal must recognize you as you. It uses your "me card" in Apple's Address Book application to do so.

Follow these instructions to make sure you have the correct email address listed in your Address Book entry:

  1. Open the Address Book application by going to Finder > Applications > Address Book
  2. From the Address Bookl menu bar, select Card > Go to My Card (if it's not already highlighted), and click the "Edit" button.
  3. Add your Google Account email address (the one you use with Google Calendar) to your "me card."

Known CalDAV issues

Email notifications don't sync
Apple's iCal, Mozilla Sunbird, and Google Calendar differ in the types of event reminders offered. While Google Calendar supports pop-up and email notifications, iCal and Sunbird only support pop-up notifications. Accordingly, only pop-up notifications are synced between Google Calendar and these calendar applications.

Unable to create Apple iCal To Dos for Google Calendar
This feature (iCal File > New To do) will either be unavailable for selection or you'll receive an error when selected.

Unable to create new Apple iCal calendars for Google Calendar
When trying to create a new (secondary) Google Calendar in iCal, you'll receive an error message. Even though a calendar may appear, it will disappear after restarting iCal.

Google Apps: Room scheduler is not supported
It's not possible to browse room availability or reserve conference rooms from within Apple iCal or Mozilla Sunbird. This feature is not supported by CalDAV.

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