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February 2023

Save time with suggested work locations

Define your work location quickly with suggestions based on your recent locations. Learn more about working locations.

Report a task as spam

Report an assigned task from a shared surface, such as a space or document, as spam. Learn how to report assigned tasks as spam.

Client-side encryption (CSE) is now available to more customers on desktop

You can use CSE with: 

  • Google Workspace Enterprise Plus
  • Education Plus
  • Education Standard users
Learn about client-side encryption in Calendar.

January 2023

Avoid appointment schedule conflicts
To prevent double bookings, Calendar can check your availability across multiple calendars (including your primary calendar and any calendars that you own, manage, or are subscribed to). You can select which calendars should be reviewed for conflicts. Learn how to avoid appointment schedule conflicts.
Manage client-side encrypted (CSE) events on mobile (beta)

In addition to desktop, CSE is available in beta on mobile. With CSE, you can:

  • Strengthen your events’ data security.
  • Take control of encryption keys and identity providers that access those keys.

Learn about CSE on Calendar.

October 2022

Manage client-side encrypted (CSE) events on desktop (beta)
Strengthen your events’ data security with client-side encryption. Take control of encryption keys and identity providers that access those keys.

August 2022

Add or edit your working location
From your calendar grid, you can add and edit your working location for one or more days.
User color labels in Google Calendar
To track your calendar entries in Time Insights, you can create and assign color labels.

July 2022

Add or block invitations from senders
To help prevent spam in Google Calendar, you can:
  • Automatically add invitations from known senders to your calendar.
  • Block invitations from unknown senders.
Add booking pages to your website
If you are a Google Workspace Individual subscriber or your account is Business Standard or above, you can:
  • Add an appointment schedule button to your website.
  • Embed your booking page on your website.

May 2022

Share appointment schedules from your mobile device
You can view appointment schedules and share your booking pages in the Google Calendar app. Learn more about sharing appointment schedules.
Use email verification to book appointments
Google Workspace Individual subscribers can require guests who book appointments to verify their email address before scheduling an appointment. Learn how to use email verification to book appointments.

April 2022

Add existing meeting notes to an event from Google Calendar
You can attach existing meeting notes to events from Google Calendar. Learn how to add meeting notes to an event from Google Calendar.

March 2022

Use appointment schedules for work and school

If your account is Business Standard or above, you can preview appointment schedules to:

  • Create your own booking page
  • Customize your appointment availability

Learn more about appointment schedules and how they differ from appointment slots.

February 2022

Find & manage pending tasks
You can check and edit your uncompleted tasks in Google Calendar. A list of all “Pending tasks” from the last 30 days can be found in the current day. Learn more about pending tasks.

January 2022

New features in appointment schedules
Google Workspace Individual subscribers can change a specific date's availability, add buffer time between appointments, set a maximum number of appointments per day, and more in Google Calendar. Learn how to customize your appointment availability.
Google Workspace Individual is a subscription plan for small business owners. Learn about Google Workspace Individual.

December 2021

Switch between Google Accounts in the Google Calendar app
You can view and manage events from different accounts on the Google Calendar app. Learn more about switching accounts.
Manage invitations you receive

When you manage invitation settings in Calendar, you can choose to add invitations to your calendar automatically or after you RSVP to an invitation through email.

Learn how to manage your invitations.

Manage repeating tasks in Google Calendar
You can set tasks to repeat in Google Calendar and customize the recurrence schedules, similar to other entry types in Calendar. Learn how to manage repeating tasks in Google Calendar.

October 2021

Use focus time in Google Calendar
To reserve time for your individual work, schedule focus time in Google Calendar.
Add meeting notes to events
From a Google Calendar event, you can start and share meeting notes. In Google Docs, you can also start and attach meeting notes to a Google Calendar event directly from the doc.

September 2021

Email or chat with event attendees
In Google Calendar, you can start a chat or email conversation with your event attendees. Learn how to email or chat with your guests.

August 2021

Set your working location
In Google Calendar, you can let others know where you typically work each week, or let them know your working location for a specific day. Learn how to set your working location.
Use Time Insights
If you use Google Calendar on a work or school account, you can use "Time Insights" to view how you spend your time in meetings.

July 2021

Respond to event invitations
When you respond to an event, you can choose from more attendance options. Learn how to respond to event invitations.

June 2021

Google Workspace Individual

Google Workspace Individual is a subscription plan to help small business owners be more productive. Learn about Google Workspace Individual.

With Google Workspace Individual, you can create and manage an appointment booking page and your appointment schedules in Google Calendar. Learn how to set up and create appointments.

Add holidays to Google Calendar
You can add Hindu holidays and observances to your Google calendar. Learn how to add or remove birthdays, holidays, and other calendars.

May 2021

Add or remove Birthdays, Holidays & other calendars
You can customize holidays and observances in your calendar. You can show public holidays only. Learn how to add or remove birthdays, holidays, and other calendars.

April 2021

Learn how to use Google Calendar on your iPhone & iPad
If you use Google Calendar on an iPhone or iPad, you can use Google Calendar guidebooks for iOS to get tips and tricks. Lessons include:
  • Get started with Google Calendar
  • Set up and modify Google Calendar settings
  • Create and manage events
  • Manage your calendar notifications
Find all the Google Calendar guidebooks for iOS.

March 2021

Turn smart events on or off in Gmail
To change the default visibility of calendar events created by Gmail, or to delete an event created by Gmail in calendar, you can change your calendar settings. Learn how to manage your events from Gmail.
Snooze event notifications in Google Calendar
You can change notification preferences for events on your Google Calendar. You can:
  • Turn notifications on or off.
  • Change the timing of snoozed notifications on your computer.
Learn how to modify your Google Calendar notifications.

February 2021

Add multiple working periods to your calendar
If you use a work or school account, you can customize how your working hours and availability show in Google Calendar. You can:
  • Split your working hours based on your availability.
  • Schedule out-of-office events that repeat.
Learn how to set your working hours and availability.
Replace declined meeting rooms automatically
Admins can turn on “Roomfixer” to find and book replacement meeting rooms for events created by Google Workspace accounts. If a room is declined, Roomfixer automatically finds an available meeting room if one is available. You can use the Admin Console to set up buildings, features, and Calendar resources.

January 2021

Use Google Calendar offline on your computer
Even without an internet connection, you can use Google Calendar offline on your computer to:
  • Open Google Calendar in a Chrome browser.
  • View your calendar and events from the last 4 weeks or any time in the future.
  • View events by day, week, or month.

December 2020

Add the Google Calendar widget to your iPhone or iPad
If you use an iPhone or iPad, you can add the Google Calendar widget. You can check calendar entries on your home screen. If you add the Google Calendar widget to Today View, you can get current info from your calendar at a glance.
Create & view Tasks in the Calendar app
In both computer and mobile apps, you can create, view, and modify tasks in Google Calendar. All your tasks with a date or time show on your calendar.

November 2020

Check out the new Google Calendar logo
Google Calendar has a new logo Calendar. Google Calendar is part of Google Workspace.

October 2020

View & edit personal and work events in one place on Android Work Profile
You can update your Android Work Profile in the Calendar app to:
  • Show, edit, and create events on your personal calendars.
  • Easily create and edit events in one place.
Learn how to sync your personal and work calendars in Android Work Profile.

September 2020

Use Google Maps in Google Calendar
You can use Google Maps in Google Calendar to:
  • View details about an event location.
  • Get directions.
  • Preview the location of an event.
  • Add travel time to an event.
Learn how to use Google products side by side.

September 2019

Report event invitations as spam on Android

You can now report event invitations as spam from your Android device. Learn how to report inappropriate calendar invites or events.

May 2019

View your calendar in dark mode on Android

You can now use dark mode for Google Calendar for a better viewing experience in low-light conditions. Learn how to turn dark theme on or off.

April 2019

See your coworker’s calendar and schedule events more quickly

When you add a calendar in the “Search for people” box, you can temporarily view coworkers’ calendars. Creating a new event automatically adds those people as guests to your meeting. Also, you can now edit event details, like the guests or room location, directly in the meeting creation pop-up dialog. Learn more about creating an event.
RSVP to Calendar events from forwarded invitations
If guests of a Calendar event have permission to invite others, they can invite you by forwarding the invitation email. You can RSVP to the event, which will add you to the guest list. Learn how to RSVP to forwarded event invitations.

January 2019

SMS notifications removed from Calendar
You will no longer receive text message notifications from Calendar. You can choose to be notified with device notifications, emails, or both. Learn how to change your notifications for Calendar.

December 2018

View Calendar attachments in Google Meet

You can now view attachments included in Google Calendar directly from a video meeting in Meet. Learn more about how to open Calendar attachments in Google Meet.

October 2018

Non-Google Calendar users always get email notifications
When an event is added or updated, guests who don’t use Google Calendar will always receive an email notification. Google Calendar users can control what types of notifications they receive. Learn more about event notifications and updates.
Add non-Google conferencing apps to events
You can now use non-Google conferencing apps with Calendar, including GoToMeeting and WebEx. You can quickly add conference details to your events without leaving the app. Learn how to get conferencing add-ons for Calendar.

July 2018

Suggest a new meeting time
When you get a Calendar invitation, you can suggest to meet at a different time. You will see the other attendees’ calendars to find a time that works for everyone. Learn how to propose a new meeting time.

June 2018

Better manage your work & personal time
You can now set your working hours for each day and indicate when you will be out of the office in Calendar. These updates help protect your personal time from your work time. Learn how to set your working hours and availability.
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