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September, 2019

Report event invitations as spam on Android

You can now report event invitations as spam from your Android device. Learn how to report inappropriate calendar invites or events.

May, 2019

View your calendar in dark mode on Android

You can now use dark mode for Google Calendar for a better viewing experience in low-light conditions. Learn how to turn dark theme on or off.

April, 2019

See your coworker’s calendar and schedule events more quickly

When you add a calendar in the “Search for people” box, you can temporarily view coworkers’ calendars. Creating a new event automatically adds those people as guests to your meeting. Also, you can now edit event details, like the guests or room location, directly in the meeting creation pop-up dialog. Learn more about creating an event.

RSVP to Calendar events from forwarded invitations

If guests of a Calendar event have permission to invite others, they can invite you by forwarding the invitation email. You can RSVP to the event, which will add you to the guest list. Learn how to RSVP to forwarded event invitations.

January, 2019

SMS notifications removed from Calendar

You will no longer receive text message notifications from Calendar. You can choose to be notified with device notifications, emails, or both. Learn how to change your notifications for Calendar.

December, 2018

View Calendar attachments in Google Meet

You can now view attachments included in Google Calendar directly from a video meeting in Meet. Learn more about how to open Calendar attachments in Google Meet.

October, 2018

Non-Google Calendar users always get email notifications

When an event is added or updated, guests who don’t use Google Calendar will always receive an email notification. Google Calendar users can control what types of notifications they receive. Learn more about event notifications and updates.

Add non-Google conferencing apps to events

You can now use non-Google conferencing apps with Calendar, including GoToMeeting and WebEx. You can quickly add conference details to your events without leaving the app. Learn how to get conferencing add-ons for Calendar.

July, 2018

Suggest a new meeting time

When you get a Calendar invitation, you can suggest to meet at a different time. You will see the other attendees’ calendars to find a time that works for everyone. Learn how to propose a new meeting time.

June, 2018

Better manage your work & personal time

You can now set your working hours for each day and indicate when you will be out of the office in Calendar. These updates help protect your personal time from your work time. Learn how to set your working hours and availability.
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