Events are displayed at the wrong time on my shared calendar

When you share a calendar in Google Calendar, its events are automatically displayed according to each viewer’s time zone settings. Simply schedule an event at the time you’d like it to occur in your time zone, and the event will adjust for your friend’s time zone setting when viewed in their calendar .There’s no need for you to account for the time difference when sharing calendars.

Let’s say you’re sharing a calendar with your friend. Your time zone is set to Pacific Standard Time and your friend has selected Eastern Standard Time in their Google Calendar. If you schedule an event for 2:00 pm, the event will display at 5:00 pm on your friend’s calendar.

If you and your friend are in the same time zone and the events on your shared calendar are displaying at different times, we recommend that you each check your Google Calendar time zone setting to ensure that it reflects the correct time zone. For assistance with this setting, please see How do I change my time zone?

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