'Sorry, Calendar is temporarily unavailable' error

After signing in to Google Calendar, you see a 'Sorry, Calendar is temporarily unavailable' error message.

Possible causes

  • A temporary problem connecting to the Google Calendar server
  • A browser cache that needs to be cleared
  • A third-party application that is interfering with Google Calendar

Troubleshooting Steps

If you get this error when you attempt to access Google Calendar for the first time, ask another user to invite you to an event. It could take a few hours for the problem to resolve if a server issue caused the interruption. Please be patient and try again before following the rest of the troubleshooting steps below.
  1. If your internet connection to Google Calendar is interrupted, refresh your page. 
  2. Clear your browser's cache. Learn how
  3. Check your anti-virus programs and firewall settings to ensure that google.com and google.com/calendar are included in the list of sites you want to be able to access. 
  4. If you are using a third party sync application, sign out of Google Calendar and disable any third-party sync application before signing back in. Unfortunately, we're unable to investigate issues that are the result of using third-party sync applications. Please consult the support resources of the third-party sync application in order to troubleshoot further.

If you're still unable to resolve your issue, please visit our Help Forum to receive help, tips and suggestions from other users.

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