Trouble importing iCalendar files

If you're having trouble importing iCalendar files into your Google Calendar, please check the following formatting tips to make sure that your file is formatted correctly:

  • Are your headers and footers formatted correctly?
    All of your events must be entered with the correct headers and footers. If your headers and footers are not formatted correctly, or if any of your events are not entered between a header and footer, you will not be able to import the file into Google Calendar. For more information on iCalendar files and field headers and footers, please click here.
  • Is your file too large?
    The recommended file size when importing files into Google Calendar is 1MB or less. If your file is larger than 1MB, try importing events from a smaller range of time. Most calendar programs offer an option to limit the range of time during the calendar exporting process. If your calendar program does not offer this option, you may need to manually edit the iCalendar file to divide it into two or three smaller files. When doing so, please make sure that you copy the correct field headers and footers in each file.
  • Are you getting a “Processed 0 events” error message?
    This error often occurs when you may have clicked on the “Import” button more than once. In this case, your events were imported with the first click, but no events were processed with your second click. Please try searching for one of the events that should have been imported and if you are able to find it, your import was successful. If you are unable to find any of your imported events, please try importing the file again. If your problem still persists, please create a new secondary calendar and try importing the file into the newly created secondary calendar.

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