SMS notifications are no longer available

As of June 27th, SMS notifications from Google Calendar are no longer available, except for Google Apps for Work, Education, and Government customers.

Why SMS notifications aren't available anymore

SMS notifications launched before smartphones were available. Now, you can get notifications on your mobile device, even when you don't have any cell reception.

What happens to existing SMS notifications

As of June 27th, SMS notifications will now show up as pop-up notifications or emails.

Pop-up notifications

SMS notifications about upcoming events will show as pop-up notifications for both calendar defaults and individual events.

You'll see these pop-up notifications:

  • On your mobile device if you have a calendar app, including the Google Calendar app for Android or iPhone.
  • On a computer if you have Google Calendar open in your browser.

Email notifications

You'll get email notifications for:

  • New events
  • Changed events
  • Cancelled events
  • Event responses

Change your notification settings

Learn how to set up and manage your notifications.


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