Types of event notifications

Google Calendar offers a variety of notification options for both email and SMS. You can set notifications for any of the following:

  • New Invitations
  • Changed Invitations
  • Cancelled Invitations
  • Invitation Replies
  • Daily Agenda (email only)
  • Event Reminders

When selected, you’ll receive notifications when somebody sends you invitations, updates, replies, or cancellation messages to events. Event organizers however may still choose not to send these notifications when they create or change events. If you unselect the notification options in these settings, you won’t receive the respective notifications, even when event creators explicitly click to send invitations or updates.

You can find more information on notification settings at customize your event notifications. There’s more information on sending notifications to guests when creating events at invite guests to an event.

If you’re experiencing any issues with the event notifications, you may find I'm not receiving invitations/updates to an event helpful.