Change or turn off Calendar notifications

To help make sure you don’t forget an event, you can get notifications on your phone, computer, or by email. You can change your notification settings for a single event, or all your events.

Change your notification settings

You can edit your default notifications for both regular events and all-day events. You can also choose to be notified with device notifications, emails, or both.

  1. Open the Google Calendar app Calendar.
  2. In the top left, tap Menu Menu.
  3. In the top right, tap Settings Settings.
  4. Choose one of your calendars, like Events.
  5. Change, remove, or add a notification.

Note: Your changes sync with your computer notifications. For example, if you chose "1 hour before" on your phone, you'll get a pop-up notification on your computer 60 minutes before your event.

Change notifications for an individual event

You can change your notifications on either your mobile device or computer and your changes will sync. 

  1. Open the Google Calendar app Calendar.
  2. Open the event.
  3. Tap Edit Edit.
  4. In the notifications section, tap a notification to change or remove it, or tap Add another notification.
  5. Tap Save.

Note: Your changes to notifications only apply to you. Other people invited to the event will get notifications based on their own settings.

Turn off notifications

To turn off all notifications for Google Calendar, you can change your default settings for your calendar. Since notifications sync between your mobile device and your computer, you can change your settings from either the app or a computer.

  1. Open the Google Calendar app Calendar.
  2. In the top left, tap Menu Menu.
  3. In the top right, tap Settings Settings.
  4. Select one of your calendars, like Events.
  5. Tap a notification and choose None. Repeat for each notification.
  6. If you have multiple accounts or calendars, repeat these steps for each calendar.


Two notifications for the same event

You might get more than one notification for the same event if you have other calendar apps installed on your device. Use the steps below to turn off notifications for the other app. 

  1. Open your iPhone's Settings app.
  2. Choose Notifications.
  3. Select the calendar app you don't want notifications for.
  4. Switch "Allow Notifications" off.
Not getting notifications
  1. Make sure notifications are turned on for your calendar using the directions on this page.
  2. Check that sync is working properly by going through the steps in the sync problems with the Google Calendar app page.

Note about flight events: By default, you won't get notifications for flight events that were added from Gmail. 

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