Add interesting calendars from Google Calendar

Looking to fill your calendar with interesting information and events? Google Calendar offers a selection of calendars covering popular holidays, sports team schedules, and more. To access a directory of these public calendars, click the down-arrow next to Other calendars and select Browse Interesting Calendars from the menu.

When browsing, click Preview to view events on the calendar before adding it to your list. Click Subscribe to subscribe to the calendar -- it will be added to the Other Calendars section of your calendar list. For calendars that you're already subscribed to, you'll see the option to Unsubscribe.

Public calendars are categorized into separate tabs, described below.


Keep track of various holidays celebrated around the world with Google Calendar. There are a number of holiday calendars to choose from - just make your selection and we'll keep them updated year after year.


Calling all sports fans: keep track of your favorite teams' schedules and get real-time score updates all within Google Calendar! In the Sports tab, select the sport, league, then team whose schedule you'd like to follow and click Subscribe to add the calendar to your list.

Once added, the calendar will display individual game times according to your selected timezone. While the game is being played, click into the event details to view live scores -- refresh the page to refresh the real-time information.

Keep in mind that it's not possible to sync sports calendars with other calendar applications at this time.

Contacts' birthdays and events

When you subscribe to this calendar, all of your contacts' birthdays will display as All Day events in Google Calendar. Data is pulled from Google Contacts, which you can access via (or, if you have a Gmail account, click Contacts from your inbox).

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • As with other public calendars you subscribe to, the Contacts' birthdays calendar will be added as a secondary calendar in the Other Calendars section of your calendar list.
  • Birthday events repeat every year on the same date.
  • If you're unable to see any events after adding the calendar, make sure that you've entered birthday information for your contacts.
  • New birthday information entered into Google Contacts will automatically be added to your Contacts' birthdays calendar.
  • As a shortcut, enter [ contacts: ] in the Add a friend's calendar field and the calendar will be added to your list.

Day of the Year

When selected, this calendar displays the day number as a small icon in the upper-left corner of each day. Just hover over the icon with your mouse to see a message describing the day of the year (e.g., "Day 341 of 2009").

Phases of the Moon

The "Phases of the Moon" calendar displays the four major phases of the moon - new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter. When this calendar is selected in your calendar list, you'll see a moon icon in the upper-left corner of the day. Simply mouse over the moon icon to see which phase begins on that particular day.


If you're someone who would boldly go where no one has gone before, the Stardates calendar is the calendar for you. It's pre-loaded with stardates to help you keep track of time in this universe and beyond (the stardates will appear as All Day events). You can also manually add the calendar by entering [ stardate: ] in the Add a friend's calendar field in the calendar list.

Week numbers

This calendar displays the week number as a small icon in the upper-left corner of each Monday. You can mouse over the icon to see a message describing the week's number (e.g., "Week 50 of 2009").

Sunrise and sunset

Display daily sunrise and sunset times for your area on your calendar.

Hebrew calendar

View the Hebrew calendar to keep track of Jewish dates and holidays.