Event notifications are not working

If you've set up event notifications for your calendar, but are not receiving them, the following solutions for different notification issues might help you resolve the problem:

Pop-up reminders not appearing

  • Make sure Google Calendar is open.
    Sign in to Google Calendar. (You must be signed into Calendar in order to see pop-up notifications.)

Email reminders not arriving, or arriving late

  • Adjust the mail delivery schedule for your email application.
    If your email application checks for new email every 15 minutes, email reminders set for less than 15 minutes can arrive late.
  • Check that your spam filter is not blocking or redirecting mail from Google Calendar.
    Some email applications send mail marked as spam to a bulk folder, such as Gmail. Search your spam folder for notifications from calendar-notification@google.com. Other email filters, like AOL, return emails to the sender instead of delivering them to a bulk folder. If your spam filter does this, you'll need to add calendar-notification@google.com to your filter's white list. To learn how, consult your email program's help files or customer service department.

SMS notifications not working

  • Check your mobile number and mobile provider information.
    Make sure to specify the correct mobile number and mobile provider on the Mobile Setup settings page. You can learn more about registering your mobile phone here.
  • Your mobile provider's traffic might be high.
    The delivery of SMS messages can be delayed if your mobile provider's traffic is high.
  • You might have reached the limit for SMS notifications.
    There is a limit to the number of SMS notifications you can receive each day. This limit shouldn't affect most users, but it's something to keep in mind if you've scheduled a large number of events and are no longer receiving SMS notifications.

General Problems

  • Your time zone isn't set correctly.
    Make sure that the time zone is set correctly on the Settings page. You can learn more about your display time zone settings here.
  • Your Notifications settings aren't set correctly.
    Make sure to set your notifications by following the instructions at How do I receive an event reminder?