What are Private and Public Events?

Your event's default privacy settings

Your events automatically have the same sharing setting as your Calendar. For example, if your calendar is private, then your events and calendar can't be viewed by the public-- they can only be viewed by the individuals you choose to share them with. The same concept applies to public calendars-- if your calendar is public, then your events are automatically public. 

Regardless of your calendar's settings, you can set individual privacy settings for specific events.

Privacy Options

  • Default
    Select this option if you want the event's privacy setting to mimic the calendar's privacy setting. If your calendar is private, for example, all of the events scheduled are private by default. 

  • Private
    With this option only you and other calendar owners (those with 'Make changes to events' privileges and higher) can see the event and its details. Learn how to make an event private

  • Public
    This option will make all of your calendar information (including event details) available to the public.

    If you make your calendar public and select Share only my free/busy information (Hide details), your event details won't appear in Google Web Search or Google Calendar search results. Only your free/busy information will be visible to others. If you event is marked as Public, however, full event details will be displayed.

Change an event's privacy setting

To change the privacy setting for an event, simply:

  1. Click on an event in your calendar.
  2. Go to the 'Privacy' section in the Event Details page.
  3. Select your desired privacy option. 
If you've imported your events from another program or calendar, they'll automatically be marked as either 'Public' or 'Private,' depending on the privacy settings of the source calendar. Check to make sure your imported events reflect your desired privacy settings.