Tasks for mobile devices


Tasks lets you manage your to-do list while you're on the go. You can create lists of things you need to get done and check off tasks as they're completed.

If you have a supported device, just go to http://gmail.com/tasks in your phone's web browser to access Tasks (Google Apps users can go to http://mail.google.com/tasks/a/your_domain, replacing 'your_domain' with your actual domain name).

Supported mobile devices and languages

At this time, Tasks is available in two versions: a basic version and an optimized version available for Android, iPhone, and Palm webOS devices. Tasks is currently available in English only.

If you have an Android, iPhone, or Palm webOS device, Tasks allows you to add, edit, and delete tasks and task lists, as well as mark tasks as completed.

The basic version currently supports viewing your task list(s), adding new tasks, and marking tasks as completed.

Minimum requirements

These are the minimum requirements to access Tasks for mobile web browsers:

  1. Your browser needs to be XHTML compliant. To determine whether your browser is compatible, visit http://www.google.com/xhtml and perform a search. If it doesn't work, your browser may not be XHTML compliant.
  2. Your browser should have cookies enabled and your network should also allow cookies. The setting for cookies is usually located in your phone's browser settings. Contact your mobile service provider to determine if they allow cookies on their network.
  3. Your network should allow secure SSL traffic. Contact your mobile provider to check this, too.


Using Tasks in the basic XHTML version

Unless you are on an Android, iPhone or Palm webOS device, you'll automatically be directed to the basic version of Tasks. This version currently supports viewing your task list(s), adding new tasks, and marking tasks as completed.

You can add new tasks by entering them in the fields provided and then selecting the Add tasks button. You can add up to five tasks at a time.

To cross a task off your list, just mark the checkbox beside the task and select the Save changes button.

To remove crossed-off tasks from your list, check the box next to Clear completed tasks and select the Save changes button.

If you'd like to delete a task from your list, consider crossing the task off and then clearing it from your list.

Using Tasks on Android, iPhone, or Palm webOS devices

When you visit Tasks for the first time on a mobile device, you're taken to your default list. You can create new tasks on this list by selecting New Task. Each task you create will be added to the list.

To cross a task off your list, just mark the checkbox beside the task.

If you'd like to start a new list of tasks, select the 'Back' button to enter the 'All Lists' view. Here you can see any task lists you've created, as well as create new lists. You can create new lists by selecting New List.

To delete a task, first select Edit. The checkbox beside each task turns into a red icon. Simply select the red icon next to the task you want to delete.

To delete a list, make sure you're in the 'All Lists' view (you may have to select the 'Back' button). Select the Edit button. Simply select the red icon next to the list you want to delete.

To add a note to a task, select the individual task and then select the blue icon to open the 'Edit Task' view. In the 'Note' field, you can type more information about the task, like an address or details about something on your grocery list.

To refresh your current list, tap the name of your list in the titlebar, or use your browser's refresh button.

Using Tasks in Gmail

You can also access Tasks in Gmail on a computer. The mobile version of Tasks is in sync with Tasks in Gmail on a computer, though changes you make on either end will require you to refresh your lists for the latest view.

Tasks is not available inside Gmail on a mobile device -- you'll need to access it separately.


You can delete tasks that you have created. Such deletions will take immediate effect in your account view, although residual copies may take up to 30 days to be deleted from our servers. In addition, every 90 days, we permanently delete non-aggregate usage statistics.

For more information on Google's privacy policies, visit: http://www.google.com/privacypolicy.html


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