Learn about appointment schedules on Google Calendar

  • If your account is through your work or school organization, you can preview the new appointment schedules. 
  • Business Starter accounts don’t have access to appointment schedules. 
  • To use appointment schedules on your personal email account, you must subscribe to Google Workspace Individual.

With appointment schedules, you can:

  • Create and share booking pages
  • Block off time so people can book appointments with you 
  • View your booked appointments in Google Calendar

How appointment schedules & appointment slots differ

New appointment schedules offer the following improvements over appointment slots:

Use your own professional booking page

  • You get a professional booking page for the different types of appointments you offer.
  • Anyone with an email address can book an appointment.
  • Your booking page automatically updates to avoid conflicts with other events on your calendar.

Get appointment email notifications

  • You get booking confirmation and update emails.
  • People who book an appointment with you can also receive an automatic reminder email before the appointment.

Choose how you meet

  • You can customize how you meet with your customers:
    • In person
    • On the phone
    • Over Google Meet video conference
      • If you choose to meet over video conference, a Google Meet link is automatically added to your appointments.

Customize your appointment availability

  • You can limit how people who book early or last-minute can book an appointment with you.
  • You can limit the max number of appointments per day.
  • You can customize the window for appointments.
  • You can automatically add custom buffer time in between appointments.
  • You can collect extra information from people who book appointments through the appointment booking form.

When to use the old appointment slots

The features below aren’t available yet in the early access preview for appointment schedules. If you need any of these features, turn off the early access preview and create an old appointment slot on your calendar: 

  • Add additional team members: You can’t add additional team members to your appointment schedule so that they’re automatically added to booked appointments. With the new appointment schedules, you must add additional team members manually after someone books an appointment.
  • Secondary or delegate calendar support: You can’t set up appointments on a secondary, team, or coworker’s calendar you manage.
  • Conference room booking: You can’t pre-reserve a conference or meeting room on your appointment schedule, but you can add the room to a booked appointment.

Turn appointment schedules on or off

In Settings, you can switch between the old appointment slots and the new appointment schedules at any time. 

Any previously created slots or schedules remain active and available whether appointment schedules are turned on or off. For the early access period, old appointment slots and new appointment schedules co-exist on your calendar.

  1. On a computer, open Google Calendar.
  2. Go to Settings and then General and then Appointment schedules.
  3. To turn on Appointment schedules, check the box next to “Create appointment schedules instead of appointment slots.” 
    • To turn off Appointment schedules, uncheck the box.
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