Define and organize products

Business Sitebuilder lets you define a set of products with descriptions, prices, and images. The products can be organized into categories making it easy for visitors to browse. You can turn on a shopping cart to allow visitors to your website to choose products and place orders. The shopping cart does not collect payment information — it simply allows a visitor to place an order with you.

Define your products or services

  1. On the Products tab, click Add Product.
  2. Enter a product name, a price (including currency), and a description.
  3. Choose one or more images for your product by clicking the add image camera icon.

Organize your products in categories

  1. On the Products tab, click Add Category.
  2. Choose a name for the category.
  3. Select a product and assign a category using the Category dropdown.
  4. Click the category name in the Categories bar (side of the screen) to view all of products in a category.