Using columns and content

A page in Business Sitebuilder is made up of one or more blocks of content. A block can be text, image, photo gallery, contact form, video, or list of products.

Add a new block of text, image, or other content to a page

  1. On the Pages tab, click Add Content Block.
  2. Choose the kind of content block to add in the Add Content window.
  3. You can move the block up or down with the Move Up or Move Down buttons.

Divide part of the page into columns

  1. On the Pages tab, click the Split button on a block. This will create a new column to the right of that block.
  2. You can move columns left or right by clicking the Move Left or Move Right button that appears when you move the mouse over the block.
  3. You can change the size of the columns by clicking Resize. This will bring up a slider that you can use to adjust the relative widths of the columns.

Change the width of columns

  1. On the Pages tab, click the Resize button on the column you want to resize. If there is only one block that covers the width of the page, no Resize button will appear. You can click Split to create a new block.
  2. Select Lock all columns to this size to make sure any other columns on the page are also resized so that their widths align with the column you are adjusting.
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