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Create and order pages

Add a new page to your site
  1. Click the Pages tab.
  2. Click Add New Page.
  3. In the Add Page box, type in the page name. This is the text that will appear in the menu.
  4. Choose a layout for your page.
    • Text: a page with a single block of text that you can use to type text or add images.
    • Two-column: a page with two columns of text. You can adjust the widths of the columns. See working with columns.
    • Product list: a page with a content block that shows a list of products. See Products section for defining your products.
    • Text + Contact Us: A page with a Contact Us form, to allow a visitor to get in touch with you.
  5. Click OK.
Change the order of menu items
  1. Click the Pages tab.
  2. Click the up or down arrow next to the page title to change their order.