Language and translation

Your website consists mostly of text that you write. Some of the text is provided by Business Sitebuilder, such as “About Us”, the text on the Contact Us form, and the text the system sends in emails or SMS.

Change the language that Business Sitebuilder system text appears in
  1. Click the Settings tab.
  2. Under Language, select the desired language in the dropdown.
  3. Click Save.

This will only change the language of the automatically-generated text on your website.

Sometimes a visitor to your website will not be able to understand your language. To allow them to still make sense of your site, you can turn on Google Translation. This is machine-generated automatic translation, so the quality of the translation is not the same as what a qualified human translator can provide.

Enable automatic translation of your website’s content
  1. Click the Settings tab
  2. Under Language, select Enable automatic translation
  3. Click Save

This will activate a dropdown menu on the top right of your site, where a visitor can choose to view your website’s content automatically translated into a language they choose.

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