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Updated: Yesterday
Service area of business is correct but suspect main location of business was changed? Hey there, I have a service based business called Roller Door Repairs Perth https://rollerdoorrepair…
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I added a business, to our Iverify by mail or phone. But not possible لقد أضفت نشاطًا تجاريًا إلى التحقق لدينا عبر البريد أو الهاتف. لكن غير ممكن
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How do I get an instant verif? Hello GMB Support, My name is Clifford Wood. I am an online educator and Director of Effective Manag…
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My GMB account has gone and I received an email saying I am no longer the owner of it I got an email saying im not the owner and now the account is gone
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How i can verify my comany "Šeimos ūkis"? I can do it, because its is a copy ( but isnt)? Šeimos ūkis, Jauneikiškių km 1, Gruzdžių sen. Šiaulių raj. 81424
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Unable to edit company name. I've been trying numerous times to edit my business name without success. I'm missing a letter. When…
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my business listing is underreview please update Business name-Muskan Foam Sofa Repairing Business Address-Shop No-4 Near C-64 Block -c sector -51 no…
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Verification issue Verification issue Please Call Me help me 7725948881
0 Recommended Answers 1 Reply 3 Upvotes
Help! Since February, 90% of my google business reviews are not showing up??? Google review experts..I need help! Since February, 90% of the google reviews for my business have n…
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Received a txt message from 903 ac stating my listing will end If I don't opt in to get sms. scam? I received a text from google that says my listing will be closed in 45 days if I don't opt in to re… Reviews Not Showing Our reviews are not showing on the upfront.
0 Recommended Answers 10 Replies 4 Upvotes
We had submitted the reinstatement request but had'nt heard back yet We are the authorized dealer of TATA PRAVESH Steel doors and Windows in Payyanur . We had started a …
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How do you appeal a decision not to reinstate a suspended business profile? Hello! We have two business locations (Lexington, KY and Frankfort, KY). Our profiles were suspended…
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How do i update my google business description ? Then one that google creates not my one i can edit Hi, my friend is trying to update their business description on google business. They can edit the "…
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Can i know what i did specifically on my business page to cause suspension for suspicious behaviour I would like to know the specific details of what suspicious behavior was on my business page maybe …
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My business profile is verified, but it is still not showing on google I have tried to verify that all of my information is correct, I have called google 3 times and I hav… Phone Number not visible My phone number is not visible, it shown under review.
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my business is not show my buisness is pending
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