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My address is wrong in the system how can I verify business? Tried to change the address but a Google search still shows the same info.
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My GMB listing has been verified, but has been showing pending for weeks. What's going on? I sent in the support form twice and have not received a response on either, other than a message th… Service Menu Has Disappeared - Solved! Back in November 2018, I posted the issue of how I had lost my Service Menu. Well, I finally have it…
36 Replies
360 VIEW tab is missing, and 360 photos missing in GMB photos Hi, I published virtual tour on Google Maps, but 360 photos missing in GMB menu. There are only Stre… Is it effective or can you even create a Google My Business for a whole city? Or even a valley? We are working on SEO for a certain county/valley and we are trying to pitch to the managers there, …
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Server Error When Suggesting Edit A client has permanently closed one of their offices. I'm trying to let Google Business know that th…
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Have not received a response from google after requesting help to verify the business Business name - Vista Growers Address - 2057 East Thompson Boulevard Ventura, California 93001 The p…
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My business's GMB listing was removed and then reinstated within 24 hours, but all reviews are gone! On April 17, 2019 a GMB listing for one of my business locations was suspended. I called GMB support… Google Maps search not returning results for additional business locations PROBLEM: Our chocolate factory - Dandelion Chocolate - has multiple unique locations in San Francisc…
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Hi, yesterday disappeared 10-12 of our company reviews and dont' know why. Could you help us please Yesterday disappeared more than 10 of our client reviews. Don't know why and what to do and it is ve… Business shown as permanently closed We have recently purchased a business, and we are trading from the same property with same staff and… Why have I been charged by Google Ireland? Hi I have recently changed business address. As a result I have amended Google and I do admit I got …
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Business Number Keep changing by itself My Business listing "Markovate" Phone number keep changing by itself after corrected too many time. …
0 Recommended Answers 3 Replies 2 Upvotes
Is Google not sending out ownership request emails out to verified owner anymore? I normally receive ownership / management requests from 3rd party companies practically everyday. Wh… Notifications of Requests for Access to GMB's are no longer being received. Since about October 15 I manage/own multiple user accounts and multiple GMB's. Every day I would get emails like this Andre…
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How do we turn off messaging in the google my business app for 70 locations? How can we turn off messaging for 70 locations? It was turned on automatically by Google; however, i… A business is using my home address as their business address There is a business I have nothing to do with using my home address as it’s address. How do I go abo… Problems with trying to find out why a GMB listing is suspended. A couple of weeks ago, we had an I.T error that resulted in the majority of our agency's clients hav…
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Today I have had a post rejected for the first time Today I have had a post rejected and I am unable to see why. I thought it was the image used but it …
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A new business at the same location and exact same address, how can we add it to google my business Hi There, We currently have a listing on google my business as below: Company name - Eco House Cayma…
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