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Updated: Yesterday
Negative review from a random, non-customer We received a 1 star review from a Google user that is not a customer. We're fortunate enough to kno… My product website was incorrectly recognized by Google as a local business website. So I have gotten myself into a complicated problem. First: Small one-man company here. I sell produc…
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I received two same malicious reviews from the same person. Google only removed one. It’s useless. Complain that Google’s resolution for the malicious false reviews I received did not help.
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My business is not showing up on Google Maps when searched by keywords I've listed and verified my business on google a week ago. But it doesnt comes up google when i am s… I cannot enter I tried to log in but was diverted to help but that also couldn't be helped
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Delete google my business account we have a double Google My Business account. We did request ownership of the old one and received th… Why people cannot review my GMB i usually ask my customers to leave review to my business after they checkout in order to improve my…
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Google Reviews Not Showing We have 5 google reviews, but for some reason only 4 show up. I found the e-mail with the fifth one … Downloading google business photos to the computer/google drive for personal access I have a "simple" task to complete. I have utilized google business to upload photographs of my comp… My reviews are not showing publicly. I can see them in my account but not publicly. What do I do? I have tried to delete and then re-post one review and that also did not show. I have viewed numerou… How do I get Google Verification to stop calling me? I get several phone calls a week from an automated voice asking me to verify my Google Business list… How do I remove google My Business page? I have retired and would like to remove my business from google search any ideas would be great Why can't I write a review on Google? I am trying to write a review on a business I recently used... I am signed into Google but when I hi… How to unverify / unclaim a Google My Business listing If you have GMB listing verified in your account but no longer manage that listing, how can you unve… Google My Business won't let me add any other users. I'm the primary owner and logged in as the primary owner, and yet I can't add new users. The pop up …
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A client runs different businesses from the same address but GMB is only showing 1 A client owns Garness Jones Commercial and Garness Jones Residential under the same premises, they h…
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