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How to recover lost company gmail account, owned by former employee? We are a national government owned institution. Due to personnel change we lost the access to our gm…
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Can't access GMB listing because it is under form employee log-in info. How do I change this? A former employee who took care of our marketing and SEO set up our GMB page. We, unfortunately, do …
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Got a phone call about making my listing more attractive to custimers. Paid $300 and they said to wait for a code in the mail to activate everything. I have recieved no code and it had been about a month. Besecker’s Diner is the listing. No activation code for my Google listing. My "Google My Business" listing is not showing services? My "Google My Business" web listing is not showing services. I don't see it on desktop or mobile dev…
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Can't find my GMB verified business on Google Map. My business name is Shiv Engineering Can't find my GMB verified business on Google Map. My business name is Shiv Engineering. Please help…
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Website for my business LILYS Handicraft was verified on 17.08.2019.but not published till now. Help I requested for a website for my business LILYS Handicraft. After edit it was successfully verified …
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EnE Welding Business. Address is right but the pin is in the wrong place, how do we move it ? Address is right but the pin is in the wrong location. I need this changed asap
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How to Fix Business Phone Number? I added My Business Details, Already Verified for around 3 years. Someone is adding INCORRECT phone …
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Google Place an Order website icon I was just wondering where do we setup the icon place an order website. In the image below we have i…
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How do you remove yourself as a owner of a company of Google business that has nothing to do with me Help! Accidentally added my self as business owner to someone's business. Need some help to remove m… Ik wil graag de openingstijden in alleen op afspraak hebben. Die optie is er niet? Tot nu toe kan ik alleen tijden invullen dat ik open ben en bijzondere openingstijden. Veel verwarri… My business is not showing up in the results on the map for my area intermittently. My listing has disappeared from the Google search results map twice this week. It showed after a cou…
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I want my webpage language in French cause I'm in France, how can i change it from English to Frenc? Tried to edit but can't find where to do it
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I want to add Payment Option in My Google Business web,Clients need online payment option for order Customer can't purchase online product due to not having Online payment option in My google Business…
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Need to zoom in to finally find my business listing; it is not appearing naturally? My business name is: Pingouin Car Rental Address: Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, P…
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How do I edit my business information that comes up on Google Search? I have updated all business info on the my Google Business page but the Search Engine results for my…
0 Recommended Answers 1 Reply 3 Upvotes
Why has google not changed its algorithm for people abusing Google my Business Map Pack? Everyone has been putting their city in from of their business name to rank higher for these terms. …
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