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customer's photo represents my business instead of my Logo photos. How can I fix this? my business is represented by customer's photo instead of my logo shouldn't Someone has claimed my business on google/API Assistance Hi, I recently started a project with my organization to look at google reviews through google my bu… Uploaded photos not showing Hello, I administrating in Google business veterinarian clinic. I uploaded new photos but these phot…
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Maximum Number of listings reached in an agency Account We have supposedly reached the maximum number of listing in our account however we are a registered … I've added a 2nd businesslocation how do I make it so when someone googles my business both show up? I have both addresses verified for "Strawberry Blonde Bakery". The addresses are 114B Grange Ave, an…
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Can I change my business name and other details on the existing business page? My business is a health clinic and I have listed my two clinics on Google for 2 locations. Now I hav… I have got the verification code through post card mail , when I am entering the code , error When I am entering the number it say you have left with 3 attempts. All details are exactly the same…
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Can I List a Social Club which does not meet in its own premises? I am trying to set up a Google Business listing for a Probus Club (a social club for retired profess…
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GMB listing suspended due to quality issues My GMB listing for Jilio Ryan Hunter Google My Business knowledge panel displays events from our competitors We have been in touch with Google support for the past few weeks now to try and get this problem res…
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How is it possible that Google is completely dumbfounded by a "bug" and can't publish listings? Like many others, I'm stuck in limbo by Google's inability to figure out a "bug" that has them appar… Avaliação de um cliente não aparece no Review da minha Empresa Um cliente classificou minha pagina mas a classificação nao está apaarecendo
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Google nameservers? Basically I want to migrate koolvoice.com from one host to another, and I was about to change namese…
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My account has been suspended for almost an entire month! How can I be re-instated? I was suspended 4 weeks ago. I submitted an appeal request and have reached out to GMB through faceb…
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Please active Raipur packers and movers Raipur Please
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Same message for over 5 weeks: "Pending review - Your business is verified." I have received and entered my PIN in the mail. I have added my website to Google Search Console. I …
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Why can't I move my Google Maps pin? The Malta Airport Google Maps pin has been marked in the wrong location for the past 9 months. We ha…
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My business listing has been suspended. I am trying to get reinstated. I can't get my URL. Any help? My business listing has been suspended and I am trying to get URL to fill the reinstatement form and…
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Why can't I use the primary category that our competitors use? I am trying to pick an accurate primary category for our business, but can't select it? Our competit…
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Is bulk verification the only option for businesses with 16 locations? Hi everyone! I work for a company with 16 different service locations (care homes), headquarters and…
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