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https://g.page/languages-count/review How can my customers leave me a review on the above link? So many have tried to do so and can't!
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Post removed from business profile for content policy violation A post was removed from my business profile. To ensure the positive experience of users I was asked …
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Cannot post reviews Hope you can help?! I was referred to this community from Google+ forum, no matter what I try I cann… New Post - Internal error message. Whenever i create a new post, after I type it all out, preview it, then click publish, it just says … Selected cover photo not displaying on Google Maps The cover photo I have chosen is not displaying on my business profile side panel on Google Places. … Verified profile & user but unable to suggest edits or additions to GMP profile - esp. social media I have my GMB profile verified, got the postcard and all is good. I have logged in using my register…
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I verified my business more than a month ago but it's still pending and support hasn't helped :( I verified my business via postcard more than a month ago and the status changed to "Pending Your bu… I need help. I own a locksmith out service that operates by mobile only. They wont make listing live I contacted them multiple times. They keep saying guide lines. We travel to customers location only.…
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Someone has registered my business in some other location using my business name. Someone has registered my business in some other location using my business name. So my customers ar…
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Cannot add owners or account managers to a listing. The Brand Account has been blocked. I recently picked up a client that has been managing their own web presence and had multiple busines… Varified but not seen on google Hello, been called 3 times last week by Google to get my business verified on Google and seen in the… Is It Safe To Use Profile Short Name, Or Is There Still Risk Of Listing Getting Suspended? I want to use the profile shortname feature, but I remember a couple of months ago, a bunch of listi…
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Post removed incorrectly Hi I run a food tour company and recently had a post removed with the email message "Recently, a pos… My business has been verified but is stuck in "pending status" for over 3 days. What can I do? My profile says 100% verified but it has been stuck in "pending review" for well over 3 days. It doe…
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Fantastic Review Removed in Less Than 24 Hours Trying to build up our company's GMB reviews. I received an awesome review yesterday from a recent c…
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Why can't I write a review on Google? I am trying to write a review on a business I recently used... I am signed into Google but when I hi… Can the text be changed on the website option it gives you on Google My Business listing? With the free website option on Google My Business there is a button if you have contact information…
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