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My coffee shop business icon is a handbag shop type of icon instead of a food shop... I opened a coffee shop /cafe but the icon on google shows a handbag kind of symbol which I'm assumin…
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My business was claimed by someone else so how do I contact them (won't show their e-mail)? Help! I have been trying to find a way to claim ownership of my business but when I try to it says that th… I want clients to be able to leave reviews, but I don't have a brick and mortar location. Possible? Tried just using city and state. I am an equine massage therapist so I travel to all of my clients a…
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Account suspended. No reason. Hello Helmut, Can you please look at this listing? I'm pulling my hair out. We've had no problems si…
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My business account was suspended why? Business Name :MATAJI FASHION, Whole for Dress Material top laggings plazzo Address :#207 2nd floor … How do I find reviews I have submitted in the past? I am not sure whether this is a my business or google plus question. Over the years I have submitted… Its making reservations via phone at my restaurant but we do not take reservations over the phone. My restaurant does not take reservations over the phone but i am getting dozens of phone calls tryin…
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How to get my business to show up in searches for "CBD stores near me"?? I search for CBD stores in 75218 area code and I don't show up
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Is it possible to lock (not moveable by anybody) pinpoint address on my verified google business ? I'm a verified google business owner, today i suddenly realized that my pinpoint location was moved …
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Customer unable to give review to my page A client is having a issue. When they use the link they get a page with 5 stars but no way to leave …
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How to retrieve deleted google maps page of our restaurant Hello, We accidentally deleted our restaurant's page on google maps along with all its reviews. It w…
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when i search on google about my photography store for "ortaköy" , it doesnt show up. Ortaköy semtinde bir fotoğraf stüdyom var. Googleye Ortaköy fotoğrafçıları, Ortaköy fotoğraf stüdyos…
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How do I delete my business hours? I am a home business by appointment only and had someone show up recently so want to remove hours to… Complete all steps to unlock quotes will not complete So I'm trying to complete all the 'tasks' on my Google My Business profile. I've gotten to the point…
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Business stuck pending for months. My business has been pending now for 106 days. I reach out to tech support every week and am always …
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Product Feature Tab(https://www.google.com/maps/place/SinaLite/@26.7894132,174.0343617,3z/data=!3m1) Hi, We are commercial printer, product based business. I was trying to feature products in google lo…
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Verified almost a month ago and the listing still isn't life I set up and verified a GMB listing for a business (Trenchless Solutions - https://business.google.c…
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Google My Business Listing Suspension - Can't remove non-compliant video Our Google My Business listing was suspended. We believe it is due to a video post that was deemed n…
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My Classic site https://sites.google.com/site/topsurvivalpreps/ is not secure. Why? Thanks. I am not sure how to make my Classic Google Site (https://sites.google.com/site/topsurvivalpreps/) f…
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Getting error in update map for some accounts Getting error message "Request contains an invalid argument.field invalid" while trying to update th…
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