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Unable To Recreate GMB Listing After Removing It. 0 Recommended Answers 14 Replies 198 Upvotes
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Last edited 5/20/19
Several months ago I created a listing on GMB using one of my gmail accounts. At a later point, I created another listing for the same business with a different gmail account. I believe this caused my listing to be suspended. I logged into the listing that was a duplicate and chose to Remove Listing, which I thought would resolve the problem. However, now when I log into GMB with the original email, I keep getting redirected to a page that says Maximum number of listings per account. What I'd like to have happen is recreate my listing from scratch. Does anyone know why I'm not getting the opportunity to start this process over?
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Hi I had my Business removed and all my reviews. I am now waiting to receive to post card in the mail so I can verify my business again. I want to know will verifying my business again bring my old reviews back?
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Hi Luis,
Sometimes, yes... other times, no. You will have to wait and see what happened with yours. 
If you need more help please make a new thread (not posting to another person's help inquiry). 
Last edited 7/15/19
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I think you need to remove one of the listing so it should maintain yor others
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Hi Joy,

I've been helping Lorraine (original poster) with this issue. To recap, I helped her build the original listing with one of her gmail accounts. Then she decided to change the email to a different gmail account, but was unsuccessful in switching it over. That's when I advised her to try building another identical listing with the 2nd gmail account, thinking we could go back and delete the original listing. When I had her remove the original listing, it wiped everything, which was ok in my mind because I thought that I could then just have her build the listing from scratch with the gmail account she wanted. However, each time she logs in, she is still getting redirected to the Google My Business Help page - Maximum number of listings per account page. 

1. Do you know why she's getting redirected and what do we need to do to get back so that she can create her listing once again?

2. Another question that comes up is why, when she removed the listing via her original gmail account, did it remove the listing for the 2nd gmail as well and wipe everything out. Is it because the information was identical? 

Business Name: Tours De San Francisco
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You can have at max 100 listings created prior but thought its has no limitations for listings 
How se ever you can complaint 
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What is the last situation? did your page come back?
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I am in a similar situation, i was trying to gain access to our GMB as the Primary Owner and for some reason, this created a brand new GMB, a DUPLICATE account! I went to delete it and it DELETED THE WRONG LISTING. i am frantically trying to get it back, thousands of reviews, images, years of data. just gone. I am so frustrated with this whole thing.
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I've been having similar problems with my GMB account.
I'm trying to create a GMB listing for one of my website client.
But I also keep getting redirected to the Maximum number of listings per account page. I deleted/transfered ownership to a bunch of them, and currently manage just 2 ... and I still get the same message.

When I try to open a query to GMB support ... they just say they can't help and refer me to Guidelines for representing my business on GMB. I've read it 5x ... and I seem to be doing everything right ... 

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4 days
my business name got suspended from Google list. Please help to reinstate.
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