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My business's GMB listing was removed and then reinstated within 24 hours, but all reviews are gone! 1 Recommended Answer 119 Replies 87 Upvotes
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Last edited 4/24/19
On April 17, 2019 a GMB listing for one of my business locations was suspended.

I called GMB support, and was advised that I would need to upload a picture of that business location with my business name clearly displayed on the premises.

I did this, and the listing was restored within 24 hours.

All well and good.

However, while I am immeasurably relieved the suspended listing was reinstated, what has not been reinstated as of April 19, 2019, are the 118 reviews - not all good, not all bad - but each one reflecting our clients' opinions of the work we have done for them (our aggregate review score was 4.5, which we consider something to be proud of in our sector).

Our team has worked very hard over the past five years or so to achieve this GMB review score; we go the extra mile for our clients, and we are responsive to their complaints. We see every bad review as a teachable moment, and every good review as a marketing opportunity. In short, we value GMB as an insightful analytic tool to measure our customer relations.

It's extraordinarily frustrating that we are now in this position, and the reassurances I have received thus far from Google's GMB support team (it's a technical issue, we cannot tell you how long it will take to resolve, but your reviews are not lost) are not very helpful.

The fact we had no warning a suspension was coming was bad enough. Obviously if we had been afforded the opportunity to take whatever curative measure were required in advance, all of this could have been avoided. I suspect this lack of warning is because the suspension is algorithmic, and an essentially automated process (thinking through this, understanding the obvious need to police listings that violate policies or TOS, if the algorithm is about to strike, it could generate an automated time-sensitive warning affording an opportunity to cure before suspension). What really irks is the apparent disconnect between the GMB listing and the reviews. 

Reading prior concerns expressed by others in a similar posture, I understand reviews and listings exist on separate databases, and that re-connection can take some time, but giving us more transparency as to the speed of the re-linkage between the listing database and the review database hardly seems beyond reason, and would go a long way towards making those of us who are honest and diligent in our marketing efforts using Google platforms feel like we are respected and valued.

I suspect some of our competitors, who do a very high volume of business, engage in the purchase of GMB reviews using fake accounts from nefarious agencies. I've seen their review numbers rise in a way that is deeply implausible given the market segment we all occupy. When these dishonest competitors are effectively rewarded as a result of an algorithmic 'punishment' meted out without warning to those of us who toe an ethical line its a real kick in the teeth. 

Okay, enough venting. 

If GMB review re-linkage with GMB listings can be expedited after reinstatement of a suspended listing, it would be a very, very good thing. 

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There  are many  similar  complaints  about  this
Will  ask  to get this  as  a  "Trending issue"
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Thank you Helmut.

I would think it's a relatively simple fix on Google's side.
Last edited 4/24/19
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Thank you @Helmut. Hope it will be resolved soon because of this we lost our reputation. My training institute IICT had 1000+ reviews all not seen after reinstate. I hope Google will reinstate my reviews.
Last edited 4/20/19
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This is a trending issue for disappeared reviews after reinstatement. My business has been suspended on the 04th of April 19 and Mr. Helmut Geissler (PE) has been contacted via community and after 4 days, listing has been successfully reinstated.  We had 262 reviews but they all not showed up.  A second escalation in regards to lost reviews has been sent to GMB specialist.  Meanwhile I learned that it is a trending issue.  We are all in the same boat waiting impatiently for days and week. Hope that Google will recover and I have a special  thank to all product experts who are devoting their precious time  in this trending issue.  Have a great week end ahead and let’s be all positive.
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I'm not sure the whole "make a new thread" thing works.  The only reason I'm in this one is Googlr closed mine for being a duplicate.

The best advice I have for anyone feeling this frustration is to honestly reach out to other SEO/marketing brands instead of listening to what "partners" say in here.  We were told 6 months ago to just sit and wait; bringing on an outside team resulted in reviews being back up within 2 weeks.
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