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Listing Was Suspended + Reinstated. Lost visibility, and thousands of reviews are missing 0 Recommended Answers 31 Replies 18 Upvotes
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About a month ago, I requested to have the editorial summary on one of our listings changed, as it was outdated.

I was told they could only change it if it was completely inaccurate.

After speaking to Google about it again, I then received an email telling me they had changed it.

Only, upon checking, what they’d actually done is suspend the listing without notifying us or providing a reason as to why.

Some background info: We have several listings in the account with the same address. Each of these are a different aspect of the business, with different entrances, and booking systems etc. Based upon this, we created a listing for each of them, resulting in 4/5 business listings created at the address fairly recently. Of course we had to verify this to Google by providing entrance images etc. as proof. We had to do this twice, and it was approved both times without any issue.

Whilst looking into the issue, I assume they saw several listings with the same address and actioned a suspension. Why they suspended our strongest listing - a historic listing with well over 2,000 reviews that we rely on for as a source of our branded traffic, I have no idea.

When speaking to Google about the suspension, they again stated that there are several listings with the same address. Upon explaining the situation, again, I was asked to provide entrance images for each of the listings, which I did, again.

The listing was eventually approved to be reinstated, (around 2 weeks ago), however we have essentially lost all of our visibility. We no longer appear for our brand, where we received the majority of our impressions - thousands. All of our reviews have also disappeared from the listing. I don’t know the exact figure but it was in the ballpark of 2000+. We do appear for some keyword searches, however, our visibility is not what it was and of course the listing is not as attractive as it was.

I have spoken to Google several times now trying to figure out what is going on and all I keep hearing is that “these things take time”, “my colleague is already looking into this”, and that I would receive an email within 24 hours about the issue, but have never received one. I asked to speak to a manager, or for a case number, so I could get straight through to someone about the issue but told that wouldn’t be necessary because I would receive an email.

A week later, this still hasn’t happened.

I find it hard to believe it would take this long to reappear for a branded search, when I know that as soon as a new listing is verified, you appear almost instantly for branded terms.

I feel like there is some underlying issue that I am not being made aware of.

It seems as though, since the listing was reinstated, it was not in violation of Google’s guidelines, and this suspension has completely reduced our GMB visibility, through essentially no fault of our own.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Leanne,
For each of these listings, please include the following with your question:
1. Full business name
2. Current business address
3. Google Maps URL
4. Website (if applicable)
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There is a similar thread here: https://support.google.com/s/community/forum/1081366/search/query%3Dcreator%253Ame%2B%257C%2Breplier%253Ame/thread/3995677
Yes it seems that it is quite common for reviews to be 'misplaced' after a suspension.  I was able to recover the reviews for one of my clients by sending Google support some of the review email notifications that were received to help them get found again. It took about a week.
Yan Gilbert, creator of LocalFalcon & Senior SEO at SterlingSky
Please note that this forum is run by volunteers known as Google Product Experts who are not Google employees, do not have access to your account, and are merely advising on best practices and interpreting Google's policies based on their experience.
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Yan is correct, the reviews not returning is likely due to a known issue we're seeing for tons of suspension cases.  Without the details of your business (as Keith requested) we're not really able to offer further advice.
Joy Hawkins, Google My Business Product Expert
Owner of Sterling Sky and the Local Search Forum

Please note that this forum is run by volunteers known as Google Product Experts who are not Google employees and are merely advising on best practices and interpreting Google's policies based on their experience.
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Hi all,

Thanks a lot for the replies.

Our business is:

Leisure Island, River Drive, Staffordshire, Tamworth B79 7ND

I will try sending Google support some of the review email notifications as you suggested Yan. I also have a screenshot from back in August which shows the listing as having over 1,700 reviews at the time. How am I able to send these email notifications directly to Google? It seems I am unable to forward them to the support email I have received replies from them previously. 

Last edited 4/17/19
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Hey Leanne,

If you recently got reinstated, you should have an email from Google with a case ID in the subject title.  Can you tell me what that is?
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Hi Joy,

I believe that would be: 8-8466000026272

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Okay thanks.  I'll send this up to Google and see if I can get them to move the reviews back over.  I'll let you know when I hear back.
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Excellent, thanks a lot Joy!
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I have added this thread to part of a larger trending issue. 
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Hi everyone,
We had a similar issue. Our Google Maps listing (which was verified and claimed by us years ago!) got suddenly marked as a Duplicate location and all the details were a competitor's! Not sure if it was a hijack or what happened. Eventually Google reinstated our listing but our 167 reviews are gone. It's been 1 month and it's been radio silence from our Google representative and no replies to any of our emails. It's been so stressful and disappointing and really bad for business. I have no idea what to do now! We have evidence of the reviews so it is something we can provide. But if our rep doesn't contact us, what do we do?
Any suggestions? I tried calling the help number and they basically said, they'll tell our rep!
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