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When posting to GMB through your API there have previously been limitations on the amount of locations that can be added to an account to ensure the post is successful. 

This is discussed in the following thread. 


However, I need to know if this 10 location limit on a GMB account has increased/changed recently. 

Please advise of any recent changes or movement on this front, or if indeed this limitation is still in place.
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There is still a 10 location limit to posting when the locations are all one company.
If the locations represent companies with fewer than 10 locations but are in the same  dashboard then you can post to them. 
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Thanks for the response. 

If you are a media agency with multiple clients with different businesses is this limitation still in place, if you have different companies. 

i.e. If you have a business with 8 locations and another business with 7 locations giving a total of 15 locations overall. 

Would this then be accepted through the API even though the locations are more than 10 for the GMB account?
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Does this 10 location limit have any effect on the view-ability of the pick list? For example, if you manage 1000 locations but would like to choice the 10 for which the API will connect, is your list of applicable locations limited to only the first 100? Or should your list display all available locations to select the chosen 10?
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Google internally assess whether a group of locations is a multi-location chain. If THAT company has 10 or more locations, the API can not post to it.
If, as the OP noted, it is 8 locations and another business with 7 locations all in one dashboard then the API should work fine. 
If however there is also a 11 store chain in that same dashboard then it would work for the 7 and 8 location chains but not for the 11 location chain.
If you manage 1000 locations for the same business then the API is not active for posting at all. 
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Hi, Mike.

Not sure I follow the last part of your response. For an account with multiple locations, for our example we will say 1000, this account has the ability to utilize the API to select a course for which it plans to post through the API. Currently when using the API and running this process, the account returns and all of its locations are accessible. A choice is then made on which accounts, up to the max 10, will be connected for use. The issue starts when an account has more than 100 locations. The pick list available tops out at 100 so not all locations managed by this user are visible.

If a user would like to utilize the API to select their chosen 10 locations to post via the API, should the returned list allow view-ability to see all 1000 locations for this user? Is there a handcuff in place where only 100 are shown intentionally?
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Is there any way to have this status changed by Google on an exception basis?
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