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Last Fri my business received 2 fake reviews minutes apart. One account shows name as "Jersey Nicole" obviously breaking Google's impersonation policy as this persons real name is Amber. The 2nd reviewer states its this "Jersey Nicole" s husband. First of all I am a hair extension salon I DON'T do men's hair. 2nd of all these 2 posts are blatantly posted by my competitor as the review states the other salons name and a ton of irrelevant information about this competitor salon. There was never any interaction with myself or either one of these fake people! I have security tapes covering all entrance points of my building,  i have the business phone and text records as well as email records to prove I HAVE NEVER HAD CONTACT WITH EITHER OF THESE PEOPLE!
This is the same competitor that Google allowed to run an adwords campaign for AN ENTIRE YEAR letting them use my TRADEMARKED BUSINESS NAME in the head title of their ad!  This competitor has non stop left me fake reviews, pay IT people to attack my website and has used MY business and personal name for the last 4 years. This isn't right and its not ok for this to take time out of MY life and MY clients life. These reviews are so obvious its absolutely rediculous that even after escalating them a week later they are still up and causing financial harm to my business I've spent 18 years building! See screenshot below for Yourself if you want to see what Google lets your competitors do to your small business! 
My business: 
Extensions of Yourself 
18838 Stone Oak Pkwy
San Antonio TX 78258
Competitor is the one listed in the add. 

I have fixed (free of charge) the hair of 13 women that fell for this deceptive ad because had they not been looking specifically for me, they would have never had to have gone through any of this and would have never met her! EVENTHOUGH this was deceptively done by this competitor salon these women were left with PERMANENT HAIR LOSS caused by them! 13 women left with bald spots permanently..all done by this salon HOW IS THIS RIGHT? 
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ANYONE?! Please help!
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In order to get a review removed, you first have to flag it inside the Google My Business dashboard and wait three days.  After 3 days you can contact Google about and you'll need to give them evidence that it violates their guidelines (https://goo.gl/cHq2DU).
Keep in mind, saying that they aren't a customer won't get the review removed because often people use anonymous usernames online and there isn't any way to prove their identity.  
I would suggest is posting a response after you read this article that gives a ton of great tips on how to reply:
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They are a competitor so how is that helpful to reply to a competitor advertising on my page? I did flag it. And waited 3 days and escalated it then heard nothing from Google! This violates several of Google's own policies! They repeat their own business name, 2 reviews come within minutes of eachother?  How is this not an obvious competitor?
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Please help Melissa! This really isn't fair. I am sorry you are going through this. Joy or google please put this to a halt.
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Thank you Jachelle! I feel like Joy auto replied to my post because it is a clear violation of Google's own policy! So its ok for me to leave fake reviews back on her business? Too bad I'm not an asshole..i would NEVER do this to someone else! 

If this place spent the time on their OWN clients that they have spent on trying to close me down they would be too busy with their actual clients to have time to continue this for 4 years! 
They use darknet hackers to take my website down, using my business AND personal name in Google ads, print posters that they put on cars at malls etc offering 50% off first time services simply swapping their phone and website address for mine but using my names, logo etc so people call them and they say "yes you can make the appointment with Melissa" knowing they have no one named Melissa nor do they specialize in what I do..no one within 2000 miles does what I do! 

This is too much for a single small business to have to keep up with and take time away from MY clients to do so.
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