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On Friday I gave a one-star review to The Roof Doctor based in Blackpool after he failed to turn up and let me down. In response, the man phoned me, called me a 'little rat' and threatened to come to my house to 'have it out with me man to man'. I put this into the review. I checked today and you have deleted the entire review. I would like to know. I thought it was valid for me to give a negative review to a man who actually threatens me after failing to  give me a good service.
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Hi, Matthew Beck 2753,
Reviews are encouraged by Google and they also have an automated process to filter reviews that violate the review policies. It is not public knowledge exactly what will trigger a review from being removed. In this case, it sounds like it may have gotten a little heated. Certainly on the contractor's side. Based on his reaction I am sure that he flagged it for removal as soon as he saw it. If it does not fit within the review policies listed on this link it will get removed.  
There is no appeal process for what reviews stay or get filtered out. You may want to tone down the language or leave it alone if it is going to cause you direct problems. 
To prevent confrontation and threats Google does allow anonymous reviews and again be clear, specific and nonthreatening. If he is going to threaten you it may well not be worth fighting the battle at this time. Over time he will accumulate more negative reviews if his behavior is that bad.  The same as good contractors get large numbers of details that show customers how they handle situations well.
Thanks For Asking,
David W Cox
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The exchange did not get heated. I stated coldly and factually how he behaved towards me. Unlike him on the phone to me, I was clear, specific and non-threatening, outlining the objective facts. He will NOT accumulate more negative reviews if you allow him to flag the negative ones and remove them. Right now he has a perfect record on  Google because you  have allowed him to remove my review which told the truth, and possibly other reviews too. You are allowing him to get away with it, and ensuring that he has a perfect 5 stars. By allowing the roofer to flag and take off any reviews he doesn't like it, you undermine the entire review system, and I will never trust it again.
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So you're just going to ignore my feedback then?
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To put it another way, is it acceptable that a man who is offering a professional service can threaten me, and you refuse to allow me to tell your users so that they know what kind of man they are getting? If I offered to go round to the houses of the people who use my community centre and 'have it out with them man to man' I would lose my job. I have no recourse with a man who owns his own business except to get the word out to his potential customers so that they do not have the same experience that I had.
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No further response, I see. I will only add this. If this man assaults any customers and they wish to  take legal action against Google for deleting information that could have warned them, I will be happy to act as a witness.
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