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I use a virtual office for my GMB office location in Dallas and have been there for 7+ years. We have local staff that meets in-person with clients at this location and we are staffed during the hours posted on our GMB listing.  Additionally, we have a business license in Texas filed with the Office of the Secretary of State with this business address AND have our LLC filed with this business address.

My GMB listing was recently suspended and I'm wondering if the fact that I'm using a virtual office is the reason.  Is there a way to help prove to GMB that I have staff at this location and that we meet with people in person, or is GMB just banning all use of virtual offices.  I do believe that after reading the GMB guidelines that we are 100% compliant.

Thoughts on this? I would really appreciate any advice.  Thank you in advance!
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Hey Kent,
It will be hard to get it reinstated. You will need to show that you rent a private suite within the virtual office (a signed lease with your private suite info for example), signage on your private suite with the suite # visible, any other supporting documents such as utility bills.
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Hello Kent Lee,

So I have worked with many companies who were formally virtual offices (this is where you do not have an actual office suite but are paying to use a mailbox service and address) to an actual physical office suite. I am confused when you say you use a virtual office that is staffed. Can you please clarify if you in fact have an actual office at this location or do you just rent their mailbox service for the use of address. 

If you use a virtual office this is not illegible to be listing on Google My Business as it violates the terms of conditions.
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To clarify, I rent an office from a Virtual Office Company called WorkSuites. They are similar to Regus.  I rent an office and have a full-time employee that is staffed at this location and works on-site during the posted business hours on the GMB listing.  Since it is a Virtual Office company we do not pay an electrical bill.  I also do not have signage on the specific suite I rent.

What I can show is a signed lease with the company - I can also provide my office business license information which shows the address and suite number listed on the GMB listing.  I'm also planning on updating photos and videos of the office space we rent - and of my full-time employee working from her office.  I can upload all of this to the GMB listing...and I'm hoping all of this will help?

What do you all think?  I've read the GMB and there isn't anything that prohibits the use of virtual office spaces for a GMB listing, as long as someone is staffed there during the business hours posted on your listing.  

Thoughts on this?
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I meant to say that I can show my "Official" business license, not office business license.  I am licensed to do business in the state of Texas and I have an official license filed with the Office of the Secretary of the State...and that info has the same address as my GMB listing.
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Hi Kent Lee 5713,
If you do not have permanent signage on your private office/suite then you are not going to convince Google that you are the permanent occupant of that office/suite and will not get reinstated.
For us to help you determine the next steps for your listing, please include the following with your question:
1. Full business name
2. Current business address
3. Google Maps URL
4. Website (if applicable)
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Ok, thank you for all the suggestions. I don't have a sign on my office that I lease from the office, but I can certainly add one and take a video of that; this shouldn't be a problem.

Keith: here are the answers to your questions:

1.  Perfect Resume
2.  3131 McKinney Avenue, Suite 600, Dallas, TX 75204

3.  (I'm no longer on Google Maps, so not sure if I'm answering this question correctly or not, but here is a Google Maps like to the location where my office is located:

Again, I'm happy to take photos, videos, etc and add that stuff to my current Google My Business listing.  It looks like I can still add photos and videos despite the account being suspended.  Seems a little odd to upload a video that shows the outside, and walking inside to my office.  But I'm happy to do that.  Also planning on adding photos and videos of my employee working the office too.  If I need to add signage to the door of my office, I can do that too if that will help!
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